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  1. Andrew J. Luther

    Talislanta for 5E D&D

    I haven’t pledged a Kickstarter since Modiphius’ Conan game, but I’ll be backing for whatever PDF level there is. I love Tal. I only wish I had a chance to get the Savage Land to the table at some point.
  2. Andrew J. Luther

    Copyrights & Copirates

    I have two sets of feelings about copyright. The first has to do with materials that are completely unavailable because the copyright owner is sitting on it and refuses to do anything with it. That bugs me, and I think that if I were in charge, I would look at how to implement a fair “use it or...
  3. Andrew J. Luther

    I appreciate this place

    I appreciate this place specifically because of the general sense of humour that pervades the mass majority of threads. Sure, there are threads that get contentious sometimes, but overall the majority of posters here are usually ready to joke around instead of doubling down on an argument. And...
  4. Andrew J. Luther

    Real Life and What's Happening...

    I’m super-lucky that I really like my wife’s family (with a couple of exceptions that they don’t interact with anymore so I don’t ever see them). So the holidays are a bit stressful because of aligning schedules and driving some distances, but we do it because we actually want to see them.
  5. Andrew J. Luther

    Your bar band's setlist

    I learned guitar in my teens, and it’s way harder of an instrument to learn than keyboards are. At least in my admittedly limited experience.
  6. Andrew J. Luther

    Your bar band's setlist

    I've dredged this thread up from earlier in the year because I actually have a real playlist! Back in May of this year, I bought a Yahama keyboard and started learning to play for the first time in my life. A friend of mine already had a band, and they really wanted a keyboardist to join, so he...
  7. Andrew J. Luther

    Standing Desk recommendations

    Both my wife and a friend of mine have this one. My wife already had a tabletop she liked so she used that, and my friend bought a tabletop separately. But there are some options from Primecables that have a tabletop included. Regardless, we can say the quality is great and these desks work...
  8. Andrew J. Luther

    I appreciate this place

    I would post a lot more, but I keep looking at what I’m about to post and asking myself, “Do you think anyone will give a shit?”
  9. Andrew J. Luther

    The Big Generation X Nostalgia Thread

    Wasn’t $153 like all the money in the world in 1983? (Or maybe it just seemed like that to me in my early teens living way the hell below the poverty line.)
  10. Andrew J. Luther


    The best (worst) real-life roll I ever personally saw was in d6 Star Wars where a player managed to roll 11d6 and get a total of 13.
  11. Andrew J. Luther

    The Star Wars Thread

    Maybe he’s just feeling him up? You know, start at the top and work your way down.
  12. Andrew J. Luther

    The Dank Memes

    Welcome to my life.
  13. Andrew J. Luther

    Hey Star Wars GMs...

    I liked a lot about the Saga edition, except the levelling. I know that’s a key part of the d20 system, but I just feel like in Star Wars the characters should be able to grow more organically like in d100 systems. Levels prevented me from running the kinds of campaigns I had in mind. But...
  14. Andrew J. Luther

    Suggestions for "low stress/violence" Television

    I’ve heard that many people love Ted Lasso, and that it’s a “feel good” show. I can’t confirm as I thought the first episode was boring and I didn’t bother watching any further, but I’m in the serious minority with that opinion.
  15. Andrew J. Luther

    Do we need any more dice systems?

    What are people’s opinion of the dice system in Green Ronin’s AGE system? I haven’t had a chance to play it, and I like some things about it from reading the modern AGE book, but I really can’t get a feel for how it actually plays.
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