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Sofia, Bulgaria, EU
Favorite RPGs
Mythras, Traveller, Maelstrom, ORE, Unknown Armies, d00 lite etc.


#FuckWotC #PlayNonDnDGames #WhyDoINeverGetToPlay #ForeverGMBlues
Currently Playing: Pulp Chthulhu, WFRP4, Fate of Chthulhu (IDK how that one happened)
Currently Running: Mythras
Currently Planning: Stuff.
"Personally I hate war, and all killing, down to the destruction of the lower animals for the sake of sport, has become abominable to me. But while the battle-clouds bank up I do not think that any can be harmed by reading of heroic deeds or forays in which brave men lose their lives.What I deem undesirable are the tales of lust, crime, and moral perversion with which the bookstalls are strewn by dozens." - H.R.Haggard


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