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    The Video Game Thread: What are you Playing?

    Just bought 3 months of time on a private server for Conan Exiles. It's a lot of fun despite the terrible performance issues.
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    Old-School Essentials: Stonehell

    Bron advises that opening the stuck door is likely to make a lot of noise. On the other hand most of the locals seem to already know we're here.
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    Old-School Essentials: Stonehell

    Bron agreeswith Hildegarde and advises that he brought a batch of torches as well
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    What's your favorite one-shot? Any system, any setting.

    Ten Candles. The Alexandrian has a good review which explains precisely why it's so amazing.
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    How do you explain a PCs absence?

    This. I'm under the gun to finish every session in a six hour window and I make sure to always wrap it up with the party in a rest/safe zone. The party is almost always spent by the end of a session and needs to pull out; it's pretty easy to manage in 5e because that's how it's designed. I...
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    Old-School Essentials: Stonehell

    Bron suggests that the party pause exploring for a moment until fresh torches are lit.
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    Interest check: Old-school fantasy

    I'm happy with pacing etc. Just been very busy.
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    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Yellow King is yet another one of those games I own but will not run until I have the right players. That said, I have already mined it for ideas and do not regret my purchase. I couldn't tell you why this adventure, which should have been great, bombed at my table. I had especially high hopes...
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    5e Mass Combat

    Good question. The PC side can absolutely be wiped out. A worst case scenario is the player army broken with the PCs finding themselves reduced to a fraction of their HP and in the middle of a rout.
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    5e Mass Combat

    I appreciate everyone's input; these are good suggestions which have saved me a lot of time.
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    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    That's a good question. My players have very much enjoyed every Jeffrey Talanian adventure I've run so far but reading them you wouldn't find anything spectacular by (for example) Brycean standards. Not concise at all, mediocre organization, banal story hooks, etc. Rats in the Walls is about...
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    Best Mecha RPG?

    I very much enjoyed the Heavy Gear setting back in the 90's but it was one of those games I never got to play. On paper, the system seems pretty good but I'd appreciate if anyone here who has actually run a game could weigh in on the merits and flaws.
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    5e Mass Combat

    Thanks, I participated in the Kickstarter but only skimmed over the book. I will take a closer look.
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    5e Mass Combat

    I am planning an adventure where my players are reclaiming a town from the clutches of Deep Ones. This is heavily inspired by the Raid on Innsmouth scenario from Chaosium's excellent Escape from Innsmouth supplement. I could use some help with a good system for running 5e combats involving at...
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    Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign for Call of Cthulhu 7E - midway report.

    I'm a fan of the adventure but I don't think I have the right group or the DM chops to pull it off to my satisfaction. I'm interested in hearing how you handled it, especially since you are using the Pulp variant. If I ran CoC again I'd use those rules as well.