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    The Dank Memes

    Who he hell wants to take the chocolate out? Never mind that it’s awesome, it keeps the damn cone from dripping.
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    SLA Industries 2nd Edition

    I have no dog in this hunt, but I will say we're getting a fair bit of forum warrioring here by some of the detractors. Far too many Whys as to what occurred rather then just expression of dislike that it occurred.
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    Tales of the Hyborian Age thread

    2d20 minions are very low-powered, the party will cut through them like a Lightsaber through butter. A good Rule of Thumb is double the minions or kick them up a step.
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    Mod+ Sandbox Discussion & Resource Thread II

    I am Jack's utter Lack of Surprise. :devil:
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    Does the term "OSR" just mean "D&D?

    Bon Scott
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    Bundle of Holding Thread

    What's the Spectaculars/Dusk City Outlaws system like? From the description, Dusk City Outlaws sounds like a direct competitor to Blades in the Dark.
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    Does the term "OSR" just mean "D&D?

    Maiden's definitely Metal. :devil:
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    Does the term "OSR" just mean "D&D?

    I always saw a difference between "Hard Rock" and "Metal". Maybe the difference was no more than presentation, but it was tangible and noticeable between AC/DC and Metallica/Judas Priest.
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    Kickstarters Thread

    I'd like to revisit this scene 5 minutes later...
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    Does the term "OSR" just mean "D&D?

    First there’s Old School RPGs, then Classic RPGs, then Vintage RPGs. :devil:
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    GRIMDARK - A Very British Hell

    Bah, released in July.
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    Do players buy-in more to learning a setting nowadays?

    Personally I love the Dragon Age setting. Yeah, it's derivative, nearly everything comes from something else. It's how everything was blended - it just clicks with me.
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    Do players buy-in more to learning a setting nowadays?

    A soldier of fortune wanted no part of a civil war in which he has superpowers? Not much of a soldier of fortune. A big game hunter on a whole new world of things to hunt? Not interested? A natural science professor who doesn’t want to spend the next 10 years learning everything about Mars...
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    The Retired Adventurer's Six Cultures of Play

    Heh, getting kicked from the Site was the best thing that ever happened to John Bell, he started talking about gaming again. The ban was hilarious though. He lost his shit when the Site got linked by Forbes and shitposted the hell out of the thread so people wouldn’t come back. Most blatant...
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    The Retired Adventurer's Six Cultures of Play

    It’s a perfect example of a historical reconstruction and cultural categorisation from someone who wasn’t there and doesn’t belong to the cultures he’s writing about. He has some broadly decent points, it’s when he gets down in the weeds that he shits the bed like one of Nurgle’s Own.
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