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    [Warning!] Blood of Heroes: Special Edition [Warning!]

    I find it really weird that Ray Winninger designed DC Heroes 3E and is now in charge of D&D. Is eBay the only place to find BoH 2e?
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    OSE, and my strange feelings towards it

    Yeah, I don't know. I used to talk to Gavin a bit when I did BX Ascending but that's been like 3 years ago. Even with the explanations in the product descriptions I still end up with decision paralysis.
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    Pitch Your D&D Killers

    That is a real interesting "What if?". Paizo's presentation is top notch and they have very regular releases so support would have been heavier.
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    Pitch Your D&D Killers

    There are two advantages that Paizo had: A large portion of their player base were ordering directly from Paizo and WotC let D&D lie fallow for a couple of years. 4E sales weren't bad, they just weren't what WotC wanted out of that division compared to the Magic division. I think Vampire was...
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    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Even though I've owned most editions of Deadlands and all the editions of Savage Worlds I've just started a Deadlands: the Weird West game using the Adventure Edition and its going great. Maybe the new edition cleared up some hiccups I'd had in the past but I'm just loving it. And its nice to...
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    Welcome to the RPG PUB!

    Yeah, I saw what happened to Olivier and Urbwar and it was complete bullshit. It reminded me why I hate RPG.Net. People were thread capping and abusing him and the Mods were just like, "If your game's name is Crusaders you are a Nazi and have a 3 day ban".
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    OSE, and my strange feelings towards it

    I'm 100% in the same boat. In fact, I'll look at Labyrinth Lord before OSE. I think the problem, for me, are all the damn versions of the books. Classic vs Advanced, Players vs Rules Tome, etc. It gives me a headache. I do know that it is actually pretty easy to suss out but that is more work...
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    Bundle of Holding Thread

    Cypher system is a d20 roll high system. The DM selects a Difficulty between 1 & 10 and the corresponds to the Difficulty number times 3 (so a Diff of 4 is 12+ or a 9 is 27+) Skills lower the Difficulty by one or two and you ability scores are a pool of points and if you spend 3 points (for the...
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    What is your ideal number of players?

    5 plus GM is my ideal. Its big enough that a person can miss and we can still play the main campaign.
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    D&D Beyond to delist two books next week.

    My apologies, I misunderstood and thought the stat-blocks were being overwritten.
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    D&D Beyond to delist two books next week.

    As I understood it the stat blocks would be updated but the fluff would still be there. My bad if I misunderstood it.
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    D&D Beyond to delist two books next week.

    I own everything on DnD Beyond and I can see NOT selling Mordenkainen's after the new release but keeping it in the libraries of those who already own it. It is a stupid move.
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    Content Creators Sign Up!

    Are their still 2 slots left? My blog is and I've got some self-published stuff on DriveThruRPG. I'll take a slot.
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    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - 2e vs 4e

    I prefer 2E to 4E and the 2E line has some amazing sourcebooks. 4E, to me, was reinventing a wheel that worked just fine.
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    You're not a Grognard, but...

    I'm not a grognard but I wish people would learn that just because I like D&D and you like D&D doesn't mean we should play it together.
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