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    My Retroclone BX Ascending is the Deal of the Day for only 80¢

    My very own BX Ascending Retroclone that turns Skills into Saving Thow categories is the Deal of the Day at DriveThruRPG for the next 22 hours and its only 80¢!
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    New Marvel RPG coming in 2022

    I feel you. I am glad that people love watching people play RPGs and that it has demystified it, but it just isn't my thing.
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    New Marvel RPG coming in 2022

    My gut tells me 616 will use 3d6. We'll see. I think Forbeck indicates this is a real attempt at an in-house game. Can you imagine the possibilities of MCU stars playing Marvel Multiverse on stream?
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    What's the right number of stages for an attack resolution?

    Two. A roll to hit and a roll for damage. I personally despise hit locations and soak rolls.
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    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    I'm kind of late to the party but I recently got Kevin Crawford's Worlds Without Numbers, Godbound, and a couple of Stars Without Number supplements. I truly falling in love with his games.
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    What was the first "house system" from an RPG publisher?

    Why would Worlds of Wonder be ignored? And before the BGB there was a very slim BRP being sold at retail. When did Chaosium start calling it Basic Role Play? Additionally, when did Mechanoids, Palladium Fantasy, & Heroes Unlimited hit retail? I believe Kevin stumps for being the first house...
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    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    Yeah, I suppose you are right. I think a lot of Greg Stafford though. RuneQuest, Pendragon, Ghostbusters, Prince Valiant, & HeroQuest blazed trails that the rest of the industry eventually followed. I remember reading RQ2 and thinking about the bells & whistles others would pull from it and it...
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    Savage Switches - changes you would make to Savage Worlds

    That is great feedback and in all honestly I think its more an idiosyncracy within me than a problem with the rules. I have similar problems with the D6 system & Storyteller/Storytelling/Storypath systems.
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    Savage Switches - changes you would make to Savage Worlds

    I've tried to love SW since Shane wrote about it during the "Great White Games" days and he talked about the books just being 3-hole punched sheets like AD&D 2E's Monstrous Compendium so that errata could be added at any time. What I have found is that I like hit points or rather I hate wound...
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    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    I agree. That is why I think intention is essential. If it was intended to be a BRP game it probably is.
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    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    Here is my thinking, Greg created Chaosium. Greg created Glorantha. He co-created RuneQuest which led to Call of Cthulhu & BRP. So, for me, he is an essential part of the evolution of BRP. Pendragon, IMO, is BRP with a d20. I don't think Alternity is a BRP-derived game, however, it was designed...
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    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    I would not because Gregg Stafford didn't write it nor did TSR intend it to be part of the BRP "family". I think intention is highly pertinent and Stafford is, well, Stafford.
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    What is Your Appendix N?

    Herculoids Thundarr the Barbarian D&D cartoon Masters of the Universe, especially the mini-comics set before Prince Adam Conan the Barbarian by Roy Thomas & John Buscema Tarzan movies on Sunday morning & the DC comic series Warlord DC comic series Grimjack Marshall Bravestarr Adventures of the...
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