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    Real Life ‘Inspiration’ for a Cyberpunk Game

    Yeah, I remember reading a Gibson interview once where he said he didn't see the Sprawl trilogy as particularly dystopian, in that many people in the modern world had things a lot worse.
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    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    IMO, it's a system that plays better than it reads. I don't think it is that complicated at its core, and the combat is better than a number of other systems I've played. I also think a lot of the complexity is front-loaded in chargen, but once you're through that and have everything squared...
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    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Decided on a lark to get the Heroes Unlimited Bundle of Holding deal that just ended. I stuck with the basic package since that already had plenty for me for now. It's not my first Palladium book, so I kind of had an idea what to expect going in, but it seems to be better organized and put...
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    Real Life ‘Inspiration’ for a Cyberpunk Game

    I find it surreal that the TV series adaptation of William Gibson's The Peripheral is going to be on...Amazon Prime, of all places. Edit: to be fair, I've bought several of his books from Amazon.
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    Funniest GM or Player advice in a RPG

    Sometimes warning messages and disclaimers can veer into humor too. Again, sometimes intentionally, and sometimes unintentionally. For example, to pick on Kev again, I get a kick out of the big "Warning! Violence and the Supernatural" message right inside the cover of his books. If I'm 13 years...
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    Monty Python's Cocurricular Mediaeval Reeanactment Programme

    The Exorcist/Ghostbusters (maybe not that one)
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    Real Life and What's Happening...

    I sold my townhouse a few years ago and am renting for the time being. After I sold my place, I didn't know what to do with all of the free time I suddenly had. And that was without having to do anything outside.
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    Sony announces new Karate Kid movie; delays their Marvel films

    The Swank one was in the 90s, I think. I'm not surprised they would make a new movie. Not just because of the popularity of the series, but also other factors like how crazy successful Top Gun: Maverick was
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    The Food and Drink Thread

    I bought some Lyre's alcohol-free bourbon this week, because I was curious about it and booze seems to increasingly disagree with me as I get older (I can drink it, but I have to stick to small amounts when it comes to the hard stuff). So far I think it's fine in a cocktail, but not great by...
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    The RPG industry and AI

    I had a customer send me some marketing bullet points for some of our products that I think were AI-generated. I was like "yeah, these...suck", rewrote them, and sent them back. They agreed that mine were better. I know algorithmically-generated news articles have been a thing for a while...
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    Hey, somebody has to protect the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve!
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    Best Represented Actor in you DVD Movie Collection?

    Depends on how you count my collection, I guess, since my SO and I have a merged collection. Going by "my" DVDs, it would probably be a tie between Harrison Ford and Ian McKellen. If we include all the DVDs we own together, though...the honor goes to Alan Rickman, thanks to my SO owning every...
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    Saving Money in this Hobby

    I think this is good advice for life in general. I know I'm certainly trying to reign in my focus and attention -- "Do I need to care about this?"
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    Saving Money in this Hobby

    Personally, I never encountered people using minis until 3E came along, despite having started gaming in the 80s. Most of the games that were released in the late 80s and 90s really weren't geared towards them. Plus I got my RPGs from bookstores or other places that didn't carry minis, paints...
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    Saving Money in this Hobby

    I actually really like using miniatures, and used to collect and use them semi-regularly. I was never a great painter, but had fun doing it anyway. Nowadays, though, it's the storage space issue again, though I guess flats and paper minis would be a good alternative there.
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