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Lunar 3
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    Grappling-based combat system

    Some kind of push-pull advantage building mechanic could work. You could chose for a given action to work for advantage or try to execute the finishing move (submission, etc). The more you work for advantage the better your chances of getting the submission.
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    Grappling-based combat system

    Have you considered that grappling shouldn't be done RPG styles?
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    What's your most bonkers adventure idea?

    There may have been microscopic cthuloid shit demons involved.
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    The Big Generation X Nostalgia Thread

    Gah, it's like -45 outside. Blargh. Edit: This was not the thread I wanted. I blame my frozen fingers.
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    What's your most bonkers adventure idea?

    Oh, there's a system requirement. I was thinking about an adventure I started writing many years ago when I was high as fuck. It was a very, um, pungent take on a Micronauts/Inner Space kinda thing.
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    Paranormal or X-Files RPG

    Huh. I gave this some thought and I really wouldn't even consider using a percentile system for an X-Files game. They work really well for it, I'm sure, I just don't think I'll ever choose to run those systems. I'd play that game, for sure, I just wouldn't run it. I'm not sure what I would use...
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    Seen on the interwebs today - Traveller as a furry universe

    I think its fucking ridiculous that not minding furry animal aliens (or fantasy races for that matter) should somehow equate to be being a furry. I have no problem with the Tabaxi or the Bear Folk from Kobold press. Anyone who doesn't like that can kiss my hairy ass. :shade:
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    [D&D5] Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

    I think the Scooby Doo bit is more about if you want to use this obviously not really appropriate setting for younger players you can do this, rather than Scooby Doo is a legitimate way to run Ravenloft in any kind of general sense.
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    Real Life and What's Happening...

    So my fourteen year-old got ahold of a label maker at school and made a bunch of labels. First, he went around the school and labeled all the hand sanitizer dispensers Lotion. Then, he went back around the school randomly posting longer labels that said It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets...
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    The Food and Drink Thread

    I'm doing sauteed bacon, caramelized onion and sweet potatoes in a brown sugar glaze with brussel sprouts roasted in garlic butter.
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    So Many Cyberpunk Games

    On that note, there was a completely random 5 second cameo from Jeff Fahey in season 14 of Criminal Minds. As a tattoo artist. Just thought it was odd. Anyway, as you were ladies and gents.
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    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    In my case that bar is running CCleaner.
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    [D&D5] Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

    I don't have an issue with using Scooby Doo as an example of the horror genre that's 'safe' for younger players. It pretty much does what it says on the tin.
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    Seen on the interwebs today - Traveller as a furry universe

    The point was more that they were furry dog aliens that were also a kick ass sci fi idea.
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