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    Lords of Gossamer - Is it Kaput?

    I pre-ordered the game back in the day because the concept of an authorized successor to ADRP really intrigued me. Sadly, the setting just didn't grab me the way Zelazny's world did. I assume that much of my love of ADRP is simply Zelazny-nostalgia and not just the rules set.
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    Ridiculous eBay Prices

    I'm not going to sift through all 9 pages, and I don't think I've posted this already, so apologies if I have done so... What I would like to see on e-bay is some sort of timer that extends the auction time by five minutes if anyone overbids in the last five minutes. Gets rid of all of the...
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    Keeping the rules from players

    It's not a simple question, and for me the answer changes somewhat depending upon the era and the game played. In the 1970's we had a group who played OD&D and we had somewhere between a half-dozen and dozen players depending upon the day, but only three of us really "knew the rules" because we...
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    'Lyonesse' from Design Mechanism

    You guys are awesome, and the Mythras starter plus Lyonesse preview is exactly what I need in order to evaluate the RPG product. I'm leaning toward buying the Lyonesse RPG just because of the setting but this gives me something tangible to look over! Thanks again! :D
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    'Lyonesse' from Design Mechanism

    I bought book #1 and have started reading. Not far into the book, but I like it so far. I may have missed it in the thread somewhere, but does anyone know if there is a "quick start" version of the Lyonesse RPG where I could get a peek at the game without committing to a $25 PDF or $50 paper...
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    'Lyonesse' from Design Mechanism

    Can you elaborate. My wife loves playing wizards, and I suspect that this setting would be just her style, but I'm interested to hear more before I buy. (I've never played Mythras or read Lyonesse.)
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    Horrified: American Monsters

    I bought the original for its minis, and this sounds good as well. Got rid of the game because I wasn't sure if I'd ever play, but I used the minis for a Halloween RPG adventure.
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    Books on Wargaming

    Two that I'll mention: (1) "The Complete Wargamer's Handbook: How to Play, Design, and Find Them" by James Dunnigan. Mine is the revised one from 1992. (2) "Wargame Design" by the staff of Strategy & Tactics Magazine. Mine is from 1983. I like the Dunnigan book best. It talks about how to...
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    White hats or black hats.

    White hats, 100% of the time. My son, on the other hand, has this dark side that makes me nervous. :D
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    I bought Mork Borg more as a fluke thing that looked cool yet creepy. Didn't think too much about it. Then my son saw it and was intrigued, so I bought him a copy. (Game store got a total of three -- the manager bought one and I ended up buying the other two.) Now his friend saw the game and was...
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    Twilight: 2000 4E by Free League

    There was a season of Walking Dead where the heroes for a while had a SWAT vehicle. That seems like a fun way to run a post apocalyptic campaign. Give the party some sort of home-base vehicle so they can wander in relative safety from place to place. Sort of Star Trek, but in WWIII earth.
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    Sex Moves - The Thread

    Totally misread the thread title as "sex movies" but a sex moves topic is fine, too. :D
  13. finarvyn

    Zombie Games

    If you want to run a zombie-themed game, first thing to buy is the Twilight Creations game Zombies!!! because it comes with 100 little zombie minis. Or, forget the game and buy a bag o' zombies for around $13. I also...
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    Lara Croft's Tomb Raiders

    I know Tomb Raider through the movies, but know nothing about the Witchblade continuity. Care to elaborate?
  15. finarvyn

    Twilight 2000 by Free League

    A great point, the notion of FL magic added to T2000. I was trying to be a little tongue-in-cheek but both Skywalker and Picaroon Jack have made an interesting suggestion which I will perhaps pursue. Putting FL magic into my modern campaign might appease my wife! :)
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