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  1. Leon ap Hywel

    Talislanta for 5E D&D

    Why they have to sully good games with the D&D system is beyond me.
  2. Leon ap Hywel

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Mythic Rome and Taskan Empire hardback. No more strained eyes for this gamer.
  3. Leon ap Hywel

    Edge gets Star Wars license

    I have Blades and Band but just haven’t had a chance to read.
  4. Leon ap Hywel

    Edge gets Star Wars license

    I’ll have to give scum and villainy a go.
  5. Leon ap Hywel

    Edge gets Star Wars license

    It really isn’t that hard, you roll less than a dozen dice with maxed out skills, a silly difficulty and a GM going nuts with boosts and penalties. After a session, maybe two it’s as quick as the d6 system. I can understand it not being to everyones taste (and after playing in a few games...
  6. Leon ap Hywel

    Shadow World creator - Terry Amathor passed away

    Just saw on TBP that he’s passed away, man I loved that setting. Never got to play.
  7. Leon ap Hywel

    Got my first taste of Mythras today

    Mostly in-house (2 licensed properties) and the gateway license.
  8. Leon ap Hywel

    5e Midgard from Kobold Press

    Only reason I’m running 5e at the moment. After much nagging by my players it was the only way to make the game palatable.
  9. Leon ap Hywel

    Mythras: Generation’s

    Very jealous I love her books. :hehe: It’s got legs as an idea but definitely needs player buy in and support.
  10. Leon ap Hywel

    Mythras: Generation’s

    Purely a speculative idea but what do you all think of a game played across three timelines (essentially past, present and future lives) akin to Katherine Kerrs Deverry series. Too much to expect players to focus on?
  11. Leon ap Hywel

    [Mythras] Mythic Babylon Now Available

    It’s an incredible book even by TDM standareds.
  12. Leon ap Hywel

    What do you think are the most damaging ideas in the hobby?

    Most damaging idea? That D&D and its illegitimate red headed step children are any good. So any ideas and licenses lost to that shite :cry:
  13. Leon ap Hywel

    What's a noncritically acclaimed RPG that you like?

    Is Reign critically acclaimed? Love that game.
  14. Leon ap Hywel

    Blades in the Dark in development for TV show...

    This could make for a very cool TV show.
  15. Leon ap Hywel

    [Mythras] Mythic Babylon Now Available

    My copy from Lulu was outstanding.
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