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    Movie posters from alternate earths

    Now that's just scary.
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    The Poetry Thread

    So, in honor of the (semi-)announcement of Mythic Gwynedd for Mythras, a Welsh poem. This is an elegy for Hywel, son of Owain Gwynedd, who died at the battle of Pentraeth in Anglesey in November, 1170. This was part of a struggle over the succession to Owain: Hywel's opponent in the battle was...
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    How do you Handle Smells in your Game?

    That's an interesting idea. I'd be more inclined to have the smell incapacitate instead of doing actual physical damage--it is so intensely bad that it makes targets nauseated, lowering their chances of success at attacks, spells, etc. A failed save (or skunky critical hit, whatever) could lead...
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    What are you watching?

    I didn't know Pigs in Space! had an alias.
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    Magic World: Hail and Farewell

    Or even cheaper through Noble Knight, though nothing is going to compete with the $10 price Chaosium was offering when they were selling off their stock last fall.
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    Cool Toys

    You're right that it's not a high price for what you get; it's just more than I could justify spending for that sort of thing. More power to those who can.
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    Movie posters from alternate earths

    I really like the idea of Peter Lorre as Abe Sapien. 'You despise me, don't you, Hellboy?'
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    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Fair enough. In my case, though, that's a very low bar.
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    Black Spear: Bucolic Fantasy Role Play--Any Good?

    I also succumbed to the lure of the $3 bundle. I'm hoping that @AsenRG, @Nick J, @urbwar, and @ORtrail will post more about their impressions of the game when they've had a bit more time to look at it. I'm too snowed under with other things to read it myself until next week at the earliest.
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    What have you been reading?

    I also have his Blood Royal : A True Tale of Crime and Detection in Medieval Paris, about the murder of Louis of Orleans in 1407, sitting in my 'to be read' stack. I guess it may be moving towards the bottom now...
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    How do you Handle Smells in your Game?

    An allergy, perhaps?
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    Image Comics

    I just started reading Monstress this week, lured in by the fact that it's available in a collection with issues 1-18 all together (you get limited monthly borrows on Hoopla, so it makes sense to look for the big compilations.) I'm about 4-5 issues in and am very impressed. That does sound...
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    Magic World: Hail and Farewell

    I'd wondered about that myself; I'd assumed that it was simply a question of bureaucratic slowness, either on their part or Drivethru's. But what @AndreasDavour says makes a lot of sense: I suppose leaving it up at Drivethru could be the best of both worlds, from Chaosium's perspective; they...
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    What are you watching?

    Last week, my wife and I finally finished with the Murdoch Mysteries series, so now I can read Tristram's spoiler! We've seen through the end of season 13, which is all we can get--I guess season 14 is currently airing. Like any series that goes on that long, it has its good and bad episodes...
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    How do you Handle Smells in your Game?

    One conundrum I've not really solved with describing smells in games is when to calibrate descriptions to what the player would be familiar with and when I should stick with what the character would find normal. They're likely to be very different things, in most premodern fantasy settings, at...
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