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  • Reading through the rules for the board game Vietnam 1965-1975, I'm getting an itch using it to set up a Tour of Duty style campaign.

    Culture gaming as soldiers, and what's happen in the game depends on what the unit ended up doing in the board game.
    So... did I just actually found Fire, Fusion, & Steel to be to simplistic and house-ruled in a more complex formula to something?!?

    I'm guessing all the covid restrictions have disrupted my life more than I thought...
    I've managed to narrow down my list of "what would I consider running, over the net and in English, without having to do a lot of prep."

    Then, my definition of a lot of prep in this case is "not having to translate a game" or "having to create an entire universe for my own Traveller Setting".

    Still, I've managed to get the list down to just six games .
    The Butcher
    I understand; but whatever your vision, if it implies you learning a new system, it’s yet another obstacle. Which is why I use this as one of my exclusionary criteria.
    Voice chat...:thumbsdown:

    Ah well, maybe some other time!
    PbP should work for me in theory, but in practice they are either too slow or too fast for me (or both at the same time). I might make a new attempt sometime.

    AsenRG AsenRG, if I recall correctly from some thread recently it is more a question of not having time or not being able to commit to any form of schedule rather than an aversion of using voice?
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