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    Favorite RPGs:
    BRP and FATE. Also Fighting Fantasy; HeroQuest; D&D 5E, White Wolf Storyteller; Cypher, HARP, Shadowrun, Mechwarrior
    I have been playing RPGs since my first exposure to Fighting Fantasy gamebooks as a teen back in 1984! I have played and collected numerous systems and have a bookcase full of rpgs.

    BRP has definately been my most consistent system of all time, regardless of build and setting. I also loved all the White Wolf World of Darkness stuff back in the day, although these days I just prefer to read those books rather than run games with them.

    Of all the numerous systems that I have, these days I'll run games mainly with BRP or FATE, due to them being very different experiences. In terms of mechanics, they are the two systems that really work for me.
    However I'll also happily run Advanced Fighting Fantasy for a 'beer and pretzels' rules-lite fantasy, and Cypher System looks okay as well.

    I'm up for test-driving almost any rpg actually, I just love the hobby!

    As a player:

    * Dungeons & Dragons 5E
    * HARP Fantasy
    * Dark Ages Fae
    * Shadowrun

    (In the dim past I also played World of Darkness, Battletech & Mechwarrior, Rolemaster, MERP, RQ2, RQ3, D&D 3E, Basic D&D, AD&D, Original Fighting Fantasy)

    Would like to play:
    * Numenera
    * The One Ring
    * Dungeon World
    * Star Wars WEG
    * Traveller
    * Warhammer Fantasy 2E

    As a Game Master:
    * Gloranthan Epics

    Mythical magic and gritty hack and slash, set in the ancient fantasy world of Glorantha. A long running series that I often return to.
    I originally started playing this setting with RQ2, then played pretty extensively in my late teens and early 20s with RQ3. I returned to Glorantha again with HeroWars, but it just didn't suit my tastes (I do like the current version, HeroQuest 2, but again I don't think it works for Glorantha). After another break I returned yet again to Glorantha with the publication of BRP's BGB (generic rules).
    It has become my most consistent setting to fall back on, and my interest was ignited again with the brilliant coffee tablet encyclopedia set that is The Guide To Glorantha.
    These days my Gloranthan games use a well worn set of BRP house rules, primarily with the BGB as a foundation, but with numerous elements ported in from RQ2, RQ3, RQ6, and HQG.
    This setting and these mechanics are in my blood, I will always return to run a Gloranthan campaign with BRP, this has been my mainstay for years!
    Likely to be streamlined into the 'RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha' rules at a later date
    * Pulp Era Adventures!
    Uses Call of Cthulhu 7E + Pulp Cthulhu 7E. Mix of random scenarios, some non Mythos, although seems to have settled into The Masks Of Nylathotep campaign. Plays like Tintin, Miss Marple & Indiana Jones take on The Mythos! Lots of rollicking fun!
    * Titan Crawl
    Set in the classic and whimsical World of Titan, using Advanced Fighting Fantasy.
    Mainly a gateway rpg that I run for my sons, however it also makes a great little light session with my mates
    Lots of fun, OSR doesn't need to be any more serious than this!
    * Action Flick Series!
    High octane cheesy cinematic action movies series fun
    I am using FATE Core, which has been a great choice for this genre. However I could just as easily run this with HeroQuest, or perhaps even Cypher System. Anyway it's great fun!

    In the past I have ran many sessions of White Wolf Storyteller ( Classic World of Darkness, Aberrant). I also embarked on running a campaign that I called 'Middle Earth Adventures', which originally used Decipher's Lord Of The Rings rpg, but I ended up converting it to BRP (+ LOTR rpg Magic) for a more workable game mechanics. I also toyed briefly with running Savage Worlds, I loved the pulpiness of the settings and some parts of the ruleset, but eventually found it wasn't for me.

    GM Pipeline Projects:
    * Weird Fantasy Dungeon Crawling
    Wanting to reuse random old fantasy scenarios, getting back to an old school weird tales sword & sorcery dungeon crawl, like a Frazetta painting meeting an Iron Maiden album!
    Initially was going to use Basic D&D 2E (or S&W or DCC), but then decided D&D 5E instead. Also considered HARP Fantasy, and also Bare Bones Fantasy.
    However I am now more likely to do this with BRP Magic World, and porting the scenarios into The Southern Reaches setting.
    Should be fun
    * Hyborian Age Epics
    BRP Mythras + Conan D20 Supplements + Call of Cthulhu Magic.
    Potentially may use Modiphius Conan rpg instead.
    * Tales of Mythic Britain
    Will use BRP Mythras RAW
    * Wizarding World Mischief!
    Just for the sake of something different. Homebrewing Hogwarts!
    Will probably suit FATE Accelerated quite well
    * Dr Who Adventures
    Possibly will consider the Cubicle 7 Dr Who game, although more likely to go with FATE Core or FATE Accelerated for this one.
    * Fables
    Another homebrew. Will use the Dark Ages Fae mechanics to portray the Fables comic book series setting
    * 100 Bullets
    Another comic book series to portray. If I want to homebrew it as a gritty setting, I'll use BRP. If I want to go pulpy, I'm more likely to use either HQ, Cypher or FATE Core.
    * Adventures in The Nine Worlds
    Yeah I have Cypher System core book, and the Numenera book, so I would like to try this one day.

    Too many games, not enough hours!