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    WotC Being Sued by Gale Force Nine

    An attempted translation from Thai to English:
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    Just cool pics

    I don't know why but I always liked this one. Neils Bohr and Louis Armstrong.
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    Stay Frosty III - Welcome to the Jungle

    In the quiet after the attack Potter can sense an active data stream from the cable attached to the man further down the corridor. It's two-way suggesting the man is alive. OOC: Just deciding to put in little links back to stuff. In this case it's probably unnecessary but as the game goes on...
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    Stay Frosty III - Welcome to the Jungle

    OOC: To Hit rolls and Griff's Crit. Crit was the instant kill result For a moment Potter feels a stinging sensation on his chest. Then the Necro Hunter is clipped on the shoulder by Sharpe's bolt of bullets throwing off its sight directed at Potter. Stumbling slightly the Hunter rapidly...
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    Mythras: Breifne

    The warrior watches the group confer on the matter of accepting him and begins to pace impatiently. "If ye lot happen to not accept me, at least have the decency of giving me a fight yourselves..." he sighs "...though I'd much rather a swing at a god"
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    Scum and Villainy in-character (IC) thread.

    Ida simply remains focused on the repairs. OOC: Roll was a 2 if needed :weep:
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    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    I've basically switched to this, combined with a reduction or slight modification of the skill list to fit a specific period.
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    Can I be banned before the Eclipse? :sweat:
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    Dark Mode or Light Mode?

    I'm sure people who use light mode live happy fulfilling lives by their own standards, but they're not our people Voros.
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    Real Life and What's Happening...

    Hey raniE I had noticed as I looked out for your posts on the Nordic scene in general. Very sorry to hear about your difficulties, but I can say it's great to see you again here.
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    The Star Wars Thread

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    S&V - The Outfit (IC thread)

    OOC: COMMAND roll was 4
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    WotC Being Sued by Gale Force Nine

    You'll know better than me, but in the EU it's typically the case that you need to have Common European Framework (CEFR) qualification at level C1 or C2 in the language you are translating from and be native in the language you are translating into right?
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    What are you watching?

    Oh I 100% agree. It also becomes more jokey and light-hearted compared with the, not dark as such, but serious tone of the first five seasons. It's basically a different show. I just enjoyed Rob Benedict as God, but as a sensible show the good stuff ended with Swan Song.
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    What Makes a "Good GM"?

    Yeah, sounds sort of like somebody from Andalusia but I'd say it had the biggest "stage" element. The anglophone accents all sound perfect to me.