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    If you had to choose one edition of D&D....

    You and I are simpatico! I do enjoy 5E, but it feels less gritty, and strangely too much magic, for what I want in terms of D&D. I like the freedom of interpreting some spells to make awesome creative combination moments, which 5E has sorta cut to make sure no one gets some advantage from...
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    Real Life and What's Happening...

    Yeah. Pretty much, the "character" word is a link above. However, as I said its a little slow for what it's trying to do, mechanically a d20 roll under with caveats and neat mechanics like HEAT which is interesting, but it has been a couple of years now. So details are short beyond I liked the...
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    Exalted: Any opinions?

    Yes, I know. I just find the aesthetic "not my thing." I did make a character with a giant boomerang once, sadly didn't get to play it. Might have changed my mind if I did, who knows? If you like it, rock on! I've tried Exalted more than once in some form or another. (Solars, Lunars, Heroic...
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    Welcome to the RPG PUB!

    You know, I ran the MURPG once. It was kind of a nightmare to keep track of thugs for the GM, and I played as well an all too brief game but got frustrated with it. (It may have been me trying to play Cyclops as in the comics, and the GM's very different perception of Cyclops ability to bounce...
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    Real Life and What's Happening...

    You know, I was playing in a game called Luchador: Way of the Mask. We fought all sorts of nutty crazy fun things. I can't recall if it was the one with the Aztec mummy or not. I know we dealt with a lot of crazy stuff. The system was a little stiff and slow; though I loved how my GM let me...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 launch.

    I love some of their spells so much, for pure "Wait, they made a spell for that?" which is purely awesome is they do work for being able to impact gameplay too. One of the reasons I wanted "brain hacking" of a sort. I mean they have mind control spells, but everyone lost their mind if your...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 launch.

    Did anyone ever play Cybergeneration? Also, poked at the Character Generator above. For some reason, it gives crazy weapons to people without skills (I did check the box to align them but still...crazy, Rockerboy--nice skill, web gun. Cop, great skill, tiny pistol, but oh a MICROMISSILE launcher...
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    The Ravenloft (setting) thread

    The Oz books are a LOT darker than people think. Seriously.
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    The Sprawl goes Shadowrun

    Tell me how it runs--I like some of the flexibility of Shadowrun, and I'm not sure a class PBTA style game would work for me. (I'm always wanting to make characters that don't fit a "class" mold, in some games.)
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    What combination of features would make your ideal system and why?

    I wrote mine for the most part. One of them is for sale. It's called High Valor. The other is free or PWIW, and 2E is done mostly. (I really, just hope that my earnest writing is appreciated since I don't like dull dry technical writing.) Although I can do that. I want a game to be a...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 launch.

    You know, it's odd. I miss my original 1E/2013-2015 Cyberpunk books. I loved Friday Night Firefight, I loved having player-characters freeze up in combat, because it WAS brutal, and not being a SOLO, their focus was different. It felt right for the genre. 2020 never hooked me that way. I don't...
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    Genesys question

    In our Star Wars game (FFG Force and Destiny) its been 10 XP a session, and we've hardly maxed out after a year and a half? Two? Of play. If you want to stretch it out you can slow down the XP gain
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    What have you been reading?

    Well, I wanted something to stand out, in CHILL(original) you had SAVE, in Poltergeist: The Legacy, you had their organization and in various other horror settings and media you've got people with powers, or some magic/supernatural kick to fight the evil. In this case, the Righteous men (and...
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    IP's that ought to have their own RPGs

    Snip ginormous picture. I wrote an RPG where self-powered vehicles, rock and roll, and a few other things were outlawed. So the teenage skate and bike rebels were the only ones willing to fight back because the system had already trapped their parents in its dystopian nightmare.
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    What have you been reading?

    I never thought to look for a copy in the past. I ran into the Silver John stories in the mid-late 80's. With the last collection I read (that the library had) announced Wellman's death which broke my heart. It had come out the same year or the very next. Meaning it had been a relatively new...