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    Tech is very mobile, Redding and Chico, CA are each having themselves quite a little tech boom as many silicon valley jobs have moved north to get out of the insanely high priced and congested Bay Area. That is putting it mildly, I spent 20 years with the Feds and the more legal it got the...
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    [Hero System/Champions] Champions Now?

    So 68 pages in and just getting to the end of Chargen? The whole of Champions 2E was 68 pages, I don't understand why so many game designers these days follow the Dickens school of game writing. This seems very appropriate to modern game writing Fron Effin' Birds A Field Guide to...
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    So why *is* the Old West postmaster missing?

    Postmaster was a fairly prestigious position in the 19th Century. This was long before the modern civil service, and postmaster was a patronage position. The position was generally awarded to those with connections. The U.S. Post Office Department (not the US Postal Service until 1971) was a...
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    What do you need to play the Fantasy Trip?

    You need all three if buying vintage original editions from ebay or similar, but the new edition of In the Labyrinth is a complete game.
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    Sex Moves - The Thread

    I've skimmed through AW due to my love of all things PA, but it doesn't really do much for me. I do find it kind of interesting though how much of a rise the "sex moves" gets out of people even though it is strictly fade to black. I'm not aware of any game that actually has "sex mechanics" that...
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    Thanks for providing this site

    This is true and at least in TOS where Kirk's gut feelings often pay off, others are often not so lucky when they try the same kind of thing. Commodore Matt Decker in the Doomsday Machine being one example.
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    Sex Moves - The Thread

    So many places to go with this.. Any links, there are actually a few RPG "sex books" which really are pretty good and not the "hur hur boobies" supplements so many assume. Sex is a huge driver of human motivation, so I find it unfortunate that it is so hard (heh, heh, Bevis he said hard, heh...
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    Large format printer or not - that is the question

    Be aware of the consumable costs, even if the printer is cheap the consumables are not. The machines are also more sensitive than most consumer printers, and repairs can be costly. I've had to order the toner and paper for the plotter at work and the costs are significant, as I recall a full set...
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    Real Life and What's Happening...

    Don't feel bad, having the toys is only half the battle, getting time, materials and motivation to line up, that is the real challenge. :tongue:
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    What kind of pub do you see?

    Hmmm, I was thinking something more like Bunch's glass full of goose shit. Not entirely sure what it would contain, perhaps lumpy juiced Kale and Creme De menthe or another green liqueur. I won't be sampling it.
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    Real Life and What's Happening...

    One of these kind of things? Cobbler sewing machine There is a guy on one of my machining sites who is converting one to use an electric motor. They are quite cheap and seem to work fairly well based on youtube videos I've found so I've got one on my possible future project list.
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    Thanks for providing this site

    I liked Kate Mulgrew in her roles before Voyager (I thought she was an odd choice to be Columbo's wife in Ms Columbo but the show was ok if I ignored that part). Based on that I wanted to like Voyager, but it is in a word, lame.
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    Gygax vs Realism

    I'm a formal gamer. I always wear a tux and black tie when I game. Even when online gaming I wear a tie with my best underwear and socks (and nothing else except for a monocle :shock: ).
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    What are you listening to?

    Thin Lizzy has a really eclectic sound ranging from metal to hard rock, to southern rock.