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    What well loved gems do you have in your RPG collection

    Not currently playing anything but none of mine are hermetically sealed for safety. All have been read and used. Classic Traveller 1977 boxed set. Got this for a song a few years ago to replace one I got rid of years ago. Haven't played it in 4+ years but hoping to soon. OD&D white box...
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    And might as well post a Sasquatch knock-off as well. I give you Larry Walters, aka Yeti. ***Yeti has one more power than the Medium Power Level which is 5, taking advantage of the optional rule from page 99 of the book. Yeti Alias: Larry Walters Motivation: Adventurer Origin: Special Project...
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    Puck is one of my favorite members of Alpha Flight so I took a shot at writing him up. I give you, Judd Milton, aka Imp, my Puck knock-off. Imp Alias: Judd Milton Motivation: Adventurer Origin: Power Endowment Rank: 4 (Rising Star) Physique 16 Prowess 19 Alertness 14 Psyche 11 Vitality: 80...
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    What's the best Western RPG?

    No, Sidewinder: Recoiled is a d20 game, based on d20 Modern. Just uses the typical set of polyhedrons.
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    What's the best Western RPG?

    @urbwar - I bought the game to check it out. Pretty straightforward, rules-lite game, but a couple of questions popped up as I read. First, what is a point of By Hook or By Crook? It is referenced in the "Checks" portion of the rules and mentions seeing page 6 but I see no other references to...
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    What's the best Western RPG?

    Print the Legend definitely takes a ton of inspiration from Boot Hill, particularly 3e. It also adds a brief advantages and disadvantages system, nothing too crunchy or difficult, and an interesting career system where you set goals for your character like opening a business or buying land or...
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    Hey @Mankcam, I've done a form-fillable version of the character sheet. I attached it here, hopefully you (and anyone else interested) find it useful.
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    [Mythras] DESTINED Superheroes RPG

    I'll admit, I'm very tempted to buy this game. I love superhero RPGs, own many different ones. I've not looked much at Mythras although I DO own M-Space. I have experience with BRP though. Has anyone run Destined yet? If so, how was it? Side note question, I know there is a POD option...
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    Marvel Multiverse: oh boy I’m underwhelmed

    Here are a couple more generally positive reviews:
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    Marvel Multiverse: oh boy I’m underwhelmed

    Yeah, it took me a minute to find those quotes. I looked at the provided characters and it bears it out as well. They all have the traits associated with their origins and professions plus the traits choices that they would get from their rank. I made a character that my son had in a...
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    Marvel Multiverse: oh boy I’m underwhelmed

    @Gabriel, cool first character! One thing though, you missed a few Traits. You automatically get the Traits listed with the Origin and Profession you choose. So Supernatural from Magic Origin and Mentor, Quick Learner and Obligation: School from the Student Profession. Those aren't just...
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    Star Frontiers: Return to Archangel

    Zin is indeed able to open the hatch. OOC: Does he want to throw it wide open? Or just determine that it is still capable of opening? Right now, I'll assume he opens it a couple of inches, showing that it is still in working condition.
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    Online superhero RPG / Sentinels of the Southwest

    So unfortunately I have some scheduling issues now that will prevent me from participating at present. Weeknights will be an issue for me for the immediate future and perhaps beyond. I'm probably looking at only having time for anything like this on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings...
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    Starship Excalibur

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    Marvel Super Heroes: Lone Wolves

    Spider-Man squints inside his mask against his aching head. "Thanks MK, but you were just a tad too late. I appreciate you coming to the rescue though. I didn't need Rhino to stomp me anymore than he already had."
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