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    [Mythras] Mythic Babylon Now Available

    Now he fights for LOVE and JUSTICE!
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    The Everway Thread

    I can't remember what I bought during the KS ...
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    How Many Classes Works 4 You

    I personally enjoy the ways Career systems are used in games like Barbarians of Lemuria and Warlock. You get the benefits of archetypal comprehensibility without the baked-in siloing of abilities.
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    Useful character backgrounds

    Their security certificate expired. They're working to get it back up and running.
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    Useful character backgrounds

    The Heroquest 100-word maximum paragraph is about as much as I can tolerate on either side of the table.
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    Does the term "OSR" just mean "D&D?

    I played in a Warpstar game using the station from Pound of Flesh.
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    Games for people... of a certain age

    51.5 years old. For most of the Pandemic Year, I've been lucky enough to get in 1 3-hour weeknight session a week. And thank Zoom for that: prior to March 2020, I hadn't done any regular RP for since 2014/15. All board games. Weekends are out due to family time, catching up on sleep, and...
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    What Supers Game Handles Powers The Bestest?

    It's actually very fluid and easy since Powers are really just dice pools and not fixed mechanics. So the Human Torch has Energy Blast, Flame Control, Flight, Athletics, etc. Most of those Powers will end up used for defense in a given round, and I find that intuitive.
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    What Supers Game Handles Powers The Bestest?

    What Paragon said. It's streamlined/simplified, but it's still a point-buy system.
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    What Supers Game Handles Powers The Bestest?

    Supers! RED for me. I like having everything in one slim book.
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    I just bought Mythras

    Oh, I know. But even that requires some energy and translation work. :)
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    I just bought Mythras

    I mean, I suspect it will end up as shelf decor because it's a DIY framework for running an SF game, and I'm notoriously bad about the DIY part of GMing. But it will be a fun read.
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    I just bought Mythras

    Augh! I give in! I ordered M-Space and the M-Space Companion. I have now just bought Mythras.
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    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Richard Kieckhefer's Magic in the Middle Ages is the place to begin.
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    I just bought Mythras

    Crap. M-Space is over there in the corner, winking at me.
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