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    I would like to donate or join the Patreon if either of those are still possible. I seem to have...

    I would like to donate or join the Patreon if either of those are still possible. I seem to have lost the link. Thanks and cheers!
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    Has anyone run an extended Historical campaign?

    That's the closest I've ever gotten as well. A short "inspired-by" jaunt into faux fantasy Antiquity. Someday, maybe! Mythras in the bundle has really got me thinking and dreaming.
  3. zunbazu

    Has anyone run an extended Historical campaign?

    I haven't, but I would love to someday. Probably set during the Roman Empire (early or late, doesn't matter).
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    GMs: do you stand up?

    I stand up here and there, depending on the context. Embodying NPCs through acting and dialogue is one of my strengths as a DM and sometimes it helps to stand for that, as noted by others in the thread. I can get a lot more subtlety and nuance into my gestures when I'm standing. But my group...
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    Matt Colville and Strongholds & Streaming

    Bitterness is par for the course on the internet. But there isn't a whole lot that 2 mil wouldn't soothe, IMO. Best of luck to him, at any rate! It can only be a good thing for the hobby.
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    D&D in the zeitgeist

    It seems like a cliche at this point to remark on D&D 5e's success and sudden pop-cultural visibility, but it does seem to be out there in the zeitgeist right now. I was wondering: how has this manifested itself in your own life? Has it at all, or has it been totally unremarkable? For my...
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    [PbtA] Cartel: A Mexican Narcofiction

    The effects of the drug war hit much too close to home for me to get much out of the subject matter (YMMV!), but I do like the art.
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    Mapping, how do you do it?

    As far as techniques go: if you're out of ideas and don't want to use a generator, you can trace over real world coastlines and flip/mirror them and you have a pretty quick, pretty realistic region. Also, if you've made yourself a region map a fun thing I like to do is load it up in Google Earth...
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    Mapping, how do you do it?

    I draw mine out by hand, then scan and trace over those with some kind of photoshop-like program. I've collected a bunch from online over the years as well, which come in handy every now and then.
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    Do your eyes glaze over at the details other people's fantasy settings?

    I think it depends on if I'm looking to pick up what the creator is laying down, so to speak. A lot of stuff doesn't resonate with me, but I like some of the weirder settings and ideas folks have come up with.
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    [Youtube] D&D in the News! Then and Now

    I sampled a bit from a Canadian story on D&D from the 80s to use in an electronic music track. The track wasn't great but it was a fun little diversion to watch these old clips and see the crazy stuff they were saying about RPGs back then.
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    TV recommendation thread

    Here's a show you might not expect: CW's The 100. It's a CW show, so there are some CW-like elements, but it hasn't detracted from what has been a fun ride so far. I just watched the third season, which was the most D&D like season of a TV show I've seen in a long time, I think. There are...
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    What IP/games would you like to see?

    There was a whole catalog of planned supplements? Brutal!
  14. zunbazu

    What IP/games would you like to see?

    Oh wow, I never knew that. I've seen that game around, but never realized it was a re-release. And now there's a new film adaptation coming (directed by Denis Villeneuve, so I'm cautiously optimistic!), it probably won't be any cheaper.
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