Atomic Highway Expanded - Handy Character Creation Charts v1

Atomic Highway Expanded - Handy Character Creation Charts v1 2018-08-23

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When crafting a AH character you need to choose a Rearing and then Pursuit. These mostly determine your potential starting skills. Under pursuits you almost always have an option of choosing a one or two from a list.

The information, however, is presented in paragraphs for each Rearing and Pursuit, making comparison hard.

This resource puts all that stuff into two tables, one for Rearings and one for Pursuits; making comparison easy and character creation faster.

Also, I've added my own take. These modifications are explained and marked with an *. Ignore anything with an * and you have the base rules.

The base rules are still needed to best and properly use these tables and create a character. Luckily, I believe the rules are still available for free (legally) as of this posting from RPGNow or some-such site.
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