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Magic World Form-fillable Character Sheet 2.3.2

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Version 2.3.1 Final.
Link to plain, no-art version of the sheet

I've hosted this on BRP central for a couple of years and figured, "what the hey, I'll put it here too."

This is just a form-fillable sheet that uses a lot of javascript to calculate lots of things like damage bonus, major wound level, Characteristic Rolls, armor penalties, Characteristic Modifiers, skill totals, etc.

I got a wild hair and decided to finally finish these up.

(The sheet supports both the standard Hit Points method ((CON+SIZ)/2) as well as Heroic (CON + SIZ).
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Nick J
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  1. minor bug fix

    modified the way the helmet skill penalty is applied to perception skills, so that insight is no...
  2. small bug-fix

    Small bug-fix release: The Evaluate and Nature skill-total boxes were bugged (probably from...
  3. Final version

    I'm now truly finished. Anything I did after this would just be tinkering for its own sake...

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Very useful and well supported too.
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