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Magic World Form-fillable Character Sheet 2.3.2

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modified the way the helmet skill penalty is applied to perception skills, so that insight is no longer affected after a player in my home game pointed it out to me.
Small bug-fix release: The Evaluate and Nature skill-total boxes were bugged (probably from copy-pasting a script and forgetting to change one digit). If you have Foxit reader, you can export all of the data from one sheet and import it into a clean sheet if necessary. Sorry for any inconvenience.
I'm now truly finished. Anything I did after this would just be tinkering for its own sake.
  • Added tic-boxes for occupation skills
  • Added a decorative border to the character sketch and the border (there's also a plain version of the sheet)
  • weapon skills can be tracked and managed in the weapons section
  • typing in a weapon class (swords, shield, spear, etc.) should yield the correct characteristic bonus in the skill total
  • Base skills vary based on species and species-specific features/skills should populate automatically in the correct places.
Version number added to the lower, right-hand corner of the sheet as per suggestion. Stay-tuned, more to come.
This update is "big" for the simple reason that it eliminates the need to maintain a separate sheet for "Heroic Hit Points" and the standard method. You can now toggle a radio button and it will recalculate on the fly.

Other Improvements:
  • Cleaned up some clunky code, this reduced the file size by about 18%
  • added some check boxes to the armor penalty values. You can turn them on or off to make it easier to recalculate skills based on your current circumstances.
  • Check boxes for Apotheosis to Champion of Light, Balance or Shadow. Only when a box is checked will it apply Hit Points or Magic Points modifiers (Balance and Shadow respectively)
  • Added a new species called Human+, this just changes the dice roller widget to make it roll 2D6+6 for every characteristic (Elric! style).
  • Decoupled Temporary Hit Points and Surplus MP from the total calculation for both (this was wrongly changing the MWL, and MP recovery rate) This should also make it more clear what's your character's innate characteristic, and what is coming from an enchantment or spell.
  • There's also a "hidden" text field under the "reset" button in the upper left hand corner, if you select it you can see how many times the dice roller has been used. It doesn't really prevent cheating, since characteristics can be hand edited after they are rolled, but what the hell.
As always post any bugs if you find them.
Another update.

Why the change? My Major Wound calculation wasn't bugged after all, I was. Also, why the hell not?

List of changes
  • went back to the old Major Wound calculation. Turns out I was crazy and spent too much time reading the BRP Big Gold Book, and realized that I had it right the first time (greater than half HPs in MW. at or greater than half HPs in BRP)
  • Cleaned up a few more typos, and added more tool-tips.
  • Added a couple of widgets: One rolls characteristics as per the standard method (3D6, save 2D6+6 for SIZ and INT), a widget to reset rolled characteristics, and two buttons to clear tick marks, one for lost HPs, the other for used MPs. These buttons are invisible if/when you print the sheet on paper.
First the big thing: I found a slight miscalculation in the Major Wound level (the old sheet was slightly in the player's favor for odd Hit Points divided by 2).

Other than that I put in a lot of little changes that should make it easier to track changes to your character.

List of changes:

  • Separate fields for tracking current and original characteristics -- useful for characters that burn POW for Fey Magic, or get temporary boosts/banes from spells, etc.
  • A field for temporary hit points (for things like Quick Heal, or whatever other effects might temporarily boost HPs)
  • Fields for tracking spell levels in memory and free INT (for you demoniac summoners)
  • A field for tracking temporary Magic Points from something like a Brazier or Magic Staff.
  • Reordered fields so you can comfortably tab through the document when you are filling out the sheet.
  • Added a few more miscellaneous tool-tips for some fields, to make rules references easier.
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