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Magic World NPC sheet/generator 3.0.0

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I added a pretty simple widget to the sheet that generates some random treasure. All you have to do is enter a value from 1-10, with 1 being a handful of bronzes, to 10 being a King's Treasury/Dragon's Hoard.

As usual, this button, like the others, doesn't print and the sheet is unlocked so you can mess around with any javascript that's under the hood.

Enjoy and please report any errors.
Some annoying bugs that the debugger didn't catch. All fields should populate normally now (there were about a half-dozen creatures or so that were slightly broken).
The sheet throws a strange Javascript error, referring to a field name that didn't exist in the sheet. The sheet still populates everything and works, but you have close an annoying error message half-a-dozen times to get it to work.

Should be fixed now in this version (no other changes).
Every creature in the bestiary (plus the abomination and Jack-in-the-green from Advanced Sorcery) are coded into the characteristic roller. Just select the creature from the drop-down menu and hit the button.

Also included is a virtual 1d100, and a Chaotic Features button (all buttons are invisible during printing).

Next up: Some kind of wealth/equipment generator. I'm still debating how to implement it, so if anybody has any suggestions let me know. My first thought is to allow somebody to select a relative wealth-level then click a button that randomly generates some money and some appropriate equipment/hoard for the creature.
No changes to the sheet, except to correct a bug.

I noticed some font display issues with Adobe DC reader. This should fix it, but post a comment if notice anything else.
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