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  1. Torque2100

    Dice and Probabilities

    I had a thought, and I think that thought might be a good springboard to a game design discussion. It has been many moons since my Intro to Statistics course in college so it might be fun to consider the reasons why certain dice mechanics are used and why. My thought was this, there many RPG...
  2. Torque2100

    The Fish out of Water Scienario

    As much as I love high concept sci-fi or weird fantasy settings, there's always a problem that you run into when trying to DM those settings: exposition. Communicating the history of a setting that characters should know can be a daunting task. Sometimes you just have to have an in universe...
  3. Torque2100

    RPG settings that really fascinate you, even if you will probably never run them

    So I was browsing DriveThruRPG and I found a little something for free. I am a huge fan of Science Fiction. In fact I've often been more of a science fiction than fantasy RPGS. Septimus is built on a foundation of really cool ideas. The core concept of the setting sounds like incredible...
  4. Torque2100

    Dungeons and Dragons with no Divine casting

    So I've always been someone who has numerous issues with many aspects of DnD, however I do quite like the "Back to basics" approach of DnD 5th edition. That being said, one of my biggest issues with all editions of Dungeons and Dragons is that the system has all sorts of baked-in assumptions...
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