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    Post ONE AND ONLY favorite d&d artwork!

    GAH! that f*ck Bargle.. I hate him more than any other fictional character EVER. he killed her and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.
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    Great comic book covers

    I gotta say, when Batman has at least 4 separate mecha battlesuits, maybe, JUST maybe he has too much money...
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    Looking for a System: "Space D&D"

    I was going to suggest 1st edition Alternity, but someone beat me to it. One of my favorite RPGs. I'll also suggest Stars Without Number, very nifty old school RPG. I'll suggest 2 that no one else has mentioned yet. Equinox, which is sort of a follow up to Earthdawn and Shadowrun, Humanity has...
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    Best Comic Panels of All Time

    I loved it when Supergirl meets Cat for the first time and says "Strange, I'm seeing two pouches of plastic..."
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    Best Comic Panels of All Time

    N.E.X.T.W.A.V.E. is love
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    [Halloween] Top 13 Favourite Horror Films by Decade

    the most f-ed up movie I have EVER seen was Dead Ringers Jeremy Irons plays twin OB/GYNs one falls in love with a patient, the other starts mutilating his patients can you say Cronenberg?
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    The Cosplay Thread ("She Looks Very Healthy" Warning)

    4 hands so she can get your whole...
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    [Mythras] DESTINED Superheroes RPG

    just got my copy from drivethru (I tend to have better luck with them than lulu) today, it was shipped 3 weeks after I ordered it pdf I got right away tho.
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    Best Comic Panels of All Time

    this scene from Camelot 3000 always gives me goosebumps
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    Best Comic Panels of All Time
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    GI Joe Animates series

    I was a kid when the original cartoon series and Transformers first came out, so I like them, but man was some of the writing bad. Sigma Six, I know nothing about, but have heard bad things. Resolute was written by Warren Ellis, and has ties to the original cartoon, and has Cobra Commander not...
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    [Mythras] DESTINED Superheroes RPG

    I blame this game existing for making me buy it...
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    Konosuba TRPG - Character Creation

    I believe, but am not 100% sure, that this game uses the same system Sword World uses, which is HUGE in Japan. (I do know that Goblin Slayer will also be based off of this system, so if you want, you could cross them over. Not that you SHOULD, just that you could. the tonal shift alone would...
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    Lists Archive Thread

    Black Tokyo – Tournament of Rapists (2015), it should be pointed out, is NOT a core book, it is a list of bad people to kill. That's it, it isn't designed to give you cool new rape powers or anything. There is something in the book about how some loon went out and caught all these people and...
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    When you've got a deal without even knowing it?

    sorry, you said Buck Rogers retroclone? can you elaborate?
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    When you've got a deal without even knowing it?

    I can't pick out which part of that sentence is the most horrifying...
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    When you've got a deal without even knowing it?

    I got a copy of first edition Deities and Demigods for $5 after I paid for it, I opened it up, flipped through it and saw the stats for Cthulhu and his gang.
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    Your ideal imaginary video game

    I have not, I read about it and decided it was not my kind of game.
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    Your ideal imaginary video game

    I had a dream, maybe it was a nightmare, about a video game. it was a fairly standard JRPG, hero chosen to defeat the great demon lord, blah blah blah. you had 2 companions, one the obvious mentor figure, the other the obvious love interest what made it somewhat different is it had a way that...
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    GURPS: If you could only buy ONE GURPS book...

    I'm gonna go with GURPS IOU, Illuminati University. What does the O stand for? you aren't cleared for that. A college where time travel, genetic engineering, magic, intelligent lab rats (smarter than most of the incoming freshmen), Cthulhu, Steampunk, and other strangeness all take place on a...
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