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  1. Toadmaster

    Uranium, a rattlesnake, a gun and a bottle of whiskey

    This has adventure hook written all over it. Amazingly, the snake and uranium were not the problem. Uranium, rattlesnake and a bottle of whiskey
  2. Toadmaster

    Anyone else make stuff?

    I've always enjoyed making things and tinkering, woodworking, models, working on the house, working on cars. A couple of years ago I got into metal work and machining mostly as an off shoot of model making and I bought myself a mini-lathe and mini-mill. My little subterranean shop in the...
  3. Toadmaster

    Learning to write "fluff"?

    I am a data geek, always have been. Give me horsepower, dates, muzzle velocities etc and I am a happy camper. I also come from a background of fact based report writing (who, what, where, when, why and how). I am also an amateur historian, it really doesn't much matter the subject, if it is...
  4. Toadmaster

    Sell me on Stars without number also Traveller T20

    There are 6 days left on the stars without number bundles and so far my willpower is holding. I saw one comment that SWN is one of the greatest sci-fi games available without a great deal of detail on what makes it great. Honestly Traveller with classes / levels doesn't get me too excited, but I...
  5. Toadmaster

    While the pub was off gallivanting with servers, Mercenaries Spies and Private Eyes got kickstarted

    MSPE is a neat rules light-ish game from 1983, here is your chance to get a new dead tree version.
  6. Toadmaster

    Digital drawing pads?

    My older son is very interested in getting into computer game design including and digital art / animation. He has a birthday coming up and has expressed interest in a digital drawing pad. I know they exist but know very little about them. It appears they have drastically come down in price from...
  7. Toadmaster

    Patreon question

    Didn't know where else to ask this, but I think some of you here support some patreon users. Oddly the Patreon site itself doesn't address this question being focused on creators not supporters. Can you pool your donations so Patreon just takes out a monthly lump sum donation in one...
  8. Toadmaster

    Sell me on Barbarians of Lemuria

    As the title says. I am a crunchy gamer BRP and HERO being two favorites, with GURPS waiting in the wings to usurp the crown. However I do stray at times and can appreciate a less complex game as long as it doesn't get too abstract. Big fan of Conan and S&S which is the target audience for the...
  9. Toadmaster

    Gun porn, The Morrow Project edition

    If you have played The Morrow Project then you may recall the inclusion of a little known family of weapons, the Stoner 63A system. This was a convertible 5.56mm NATO weapons platform that could be configured as a 15 3/4" barrel carbine, 20" barrel rifle, magazine fed light machinegun, belt...
  10. Toadmaster

    Western stories?

    I've seen my fair share of westerns (movies, TV), but not read even one. Looking for suggestions, in particular stuff that would provide inspiration and motivation to run an old west themed game. I know Robert E Howard wrote some western stories, I've not read anything of his I didn't like so...
  11. Toadmaster

    Posting photos?

    Can photos be directly uploaded to the site, or do they have to be hosted elsewhere (Photobucket, Fokti etc).
  12. Toadmaster

    Which edition of Boot Hill, or both?

    TSRs Boot Hill has a lot of fans, but finding a decent copy at a reasonable price has been challenging. I remember playing a bazillion years ago, but remember very little about the game, but it was almost certainly 2nd ed. I see DrivethruRPG now offers pdf and POD versions of both 2nd & 3rd...