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    The best RPG blogs

    Man....always fun to stumble upon something like this....really made my day. Glad you enjoyed it!
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    Game of Thrones: Who lives, who dies? [SPOILERS]

    Heck yeah...Tyrion sits on the Iron Throne. I wanted that from the very first episode (well, and ok, after reading the second book). He has been my favorite. He tries to keep his promise and give it to Bronn...but no..Bronn wants a castle that's not destroyed. I got this weird feeling...and not...
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    How do you find players?

    About 20 years ago, I got lucky. I had just moved and hadn't played for about 6 years. I went to a gaming store to mess around one day...checked the bulletin board and decided to give a dude a call. He seemed normal so I decided to show up at their next play session at his house. I'm a big dude...
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    "Problem Players"

    "It's what my character would do." No one in my group would ever need to say that statement, because we already would know it to be true through roleplaying and character's actions. I think most outsiders would call my group a bunch of problem players, but really....we just have problem...
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    How did you end up here?

    I usually hang out on Dragonsfoot, still do, but been stalking other sites. Some I just stalk and barely post...the vibe doesn't feel right. But there is hardly any drama here...political or otherwise--at least from what I've seen. A lot of hate on individuals out there lately...some, perhaps...
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    Self-publishing thread (s)

    I've read that article like 7 times in the past few years...and figuring out the Featured deal on DTRPG has always been on my To Do list, but I get too busy to get into it an figure it out. I will say this though...that article, in my opinion, is great, but I think it mainly deals with new...
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    Self-publishing thread (s)

    Hehe, honestly, I don't have enough experience with it either with conversions. I think there is something there with starting with the OSR product first but my thought process is that you do 5e first to address the concern of your adventure getting lost in the flood. You post the 5e version...
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    Self-publishing thread (s)

    It would make sense to release them all at once so customers can grab the game system they want....BUT...on Drivethrurpg, your adventure is alive for a month or 2...then it gets lost in the void. By releasing it by a new game system, you can potentially get more exposure--and your adventure...
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    Game of Thrones: Who lives, who dies? [SPOILERS]

    Heh, my friend put together a GOT pool...sorta like Fantasy Football (I think, because I have never done Fantasy Football). But it reminds me of all this. I do think Jaimie will kill Cersei. I think Bronn gets a castle. And I'm rooting for everyone to mostly die except Tyrion who will sit on the...
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    Self-publishing thread (s)

    A good thought, but then I would have to advertise that I'm looking for a good's a vicious circle..can never get away from it...:tongue:
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    Self-publishing thread (s)

    I've published a few things for fun and continue to do so and keep learning along the way. I do everything by myself (write, mapping, layout), but also collaborate with some friends (new and old) who usually help with the writing, ideas, and editing. It can be a lot of work....I say 'can be'...
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    OSR rule sets, settings, and adventures

    The layout for Hot Springs Island is very impressive.