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  1. Arcane_Avatar

    Taskan Militia - Mythras game

    I'm looking for a couple of players to join a Mythras game using the rewrite of the Taskan Miltia campaign game from the Mongoose book. Running Sunday evening 7:30 UK time for 3 hours. The game has just lost players due to changed circumstances and I'm seeking replacements. The game has only...
  2. Arcane_Avatar

    Thinking about 1920's/30's Spy game set in Europe

    I have a hankering to run a spy game set in Europe post WW1. The usual official spies, refugees and stateless persons trying to make a buck and spying/selling secrets to anyone with cash like in Eric Ambler's novels. Mostly set around the Balkans/Eastern Europe after the fall of the...
  3. Arcane_Avatar

    Introduction to Mythras and Mythic Constantinople Games

    Started my Vampires of Chrysopolis Mythras game on-line last night. We have four players, a Monk from Kappa-Pi-Alpha who specialises in hunting 'demons', a member of the Office of the Drome (Byzantine Secret Service), a Paranomai (Byzantine Special Forces), an finally a Pankratonist (wrestler)...
  4. Arcane_Avatar

    Vampires of Chrysopolis

    I need another couple of players for my Mythras game starting Saturday 13th March 6PM GMT This Mythras campaign game based in Constantinople in the final years of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) empire. The game will be set in the 15th century and feature some of the old legends of the city, the...
  5. Arcane_Avatar

    Anyone interested in a Mythras game?

    I'm about to start a Mythic Constantinople game in the next couple of weeks. Details at my Discord Looking for a couple more players or so.
  6. Arcane_Avatar

    Looking for players

    I'm about to start a Tekumel game via Hangouts using Jeff Dee's Bethorm, Tuesday evening (UK time) 8 to 10 pm. Should last half a dozen sessions or so. I have two spots available.
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