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    Your collection : depth or breadth

    I mostly run my own settings and campaigns so I don't own many such supplements, and I think most rule supplements make the systems they expand worse, so I don't buy many of those either. I own a lot of different rules systems though.
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    Adventures in Dall-E

    I find it really interesting how good the AIs are at creating superficially interesting art that fails completely at getting the details correct. Take that car above - looks great but then you realise that the front right wheel is all wrong (or perhaps non-Euclidean) - or those barbarians look...
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    How to End a Campaign

    I'd say the majority of the campaigns I've run reached some kind of fairly satisfying conclusion. Leaving aside running Curse of Strahd where an end was built in (first time I actually ran a full campaign from a book) usually I find that campaigns naturally develop some kind of arc as they go...
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    Sandbox campaign: best way to introduce the settlement

    I always think it's fine to rely on the characters knowing more than the players. If I was running this scenario I would explain that the PCs arrived several weeks before and have had time to get to know the place. Then I'd give the map and a list of important places, as well as important...
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    When did you play your first table-top RPG?

    It was either '84 or '85, I think. I was young enough at the time I don't really remember. We had no real idea what we were doing.
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    One D&D

    Absolutely. I'm just saying cost is probably not the real deciding factor. Personally I prefer Theatre of the Mind to either for most things. To each, their own.
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    Was the First RPG You Ever Played D&D?

    Basic D&D Boxset in the mid 80s. My parents had heard about it and bought it home for my (older) brothers. We quickly moved to mostly Traveller, MERP, and Dragon Warriors though rather than picking up Expert, etc.
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    One D&D

    Wouldn't using a flatscreen as VTT actually be cheaper than miniatures? I've never got into the miniatures hobby myself but my understanding is that it is somewhere you can easily sink hundreds of <insert local currency>, but a decent size touchscreen monitor can be picked up for less than 200€...
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    One D&D

    I've been assuming WotC will buy DM's Guild at some point.
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    One D&D

    I agree. But I wonder whether the ever advancing nature of tech means that we'll see more VTT at the tabletop. Currently a digital table setup is out of the reach of most, but I can see it being quite plausible in 5-10 years that at a lot of tables the DM lays a large tablet/monitor in the...
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    I'm shocked by the general lack of reviews

    I don't think it is that since you can find other content about these products easily enough (detailed DM guides actual play recordings, etc). I think it's that the glut of readthroughs and first impressions - often tagged as reviews - saturates the available space long before actual reviews...
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    I'm shocked by the general lack of reviews

    Seth Skorkowsky is also one of the few people who is doing actual reviews. For all the "reviews" out there for D&D stuff on YouTube very few of them are actual reviews; instead they're read-throughs and first impressions. Reviewing an RPG, or RPG product, without having played it is like putting...
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    One D&D

    Although I like the way that it makes the classes have quite different feels, it's probably a sensible move. The unevenness between how short and long rests impact each classes effectiveness was difficult to balance in play and often felt at odds with how the fiction would naturally play out, as...
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    One D&D

    I've rather been assuming that this whole thing is marketing fluff and calling 5.5 OneD&D and talking about "no more editions" is going to last about ten years before a revamped 6th edition comes out, just like before. However, this video from Questing Beast changed my mind. His argument is that...
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    Favorite non-D&D Fantasy Game from 1970-1989

    Interesting question. If we're talking about games from that era I'd say Pendragon - but I never actually played it until well into the 2000s. At the time I think we played more MERP than anything else, sometimes with a bit of Rolemaster blended in, but I have the fondest memories of Dragon...
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    One D&D

    It's going to increase the barrier/gulf between the experience of playing D&D and playing other games, yes. Instead of firing up Roll20 and seeing so many other games offered on the same platform, you'll be in a D&D only environment by default. And if you do go to other online platforms the drop...
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    One D&D

    Yeah, backgrounds feel a lot less flavourful now, although more flexible. The perks were a bit of mixed bag though, some worked really well in play, some felt really difficult to integrate, some felt like weaksauce. Still, they meant Backgrounds were much more distinct and I think they could...
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    Dice and Probabilities

    I know this system from Pendragon. I ran a long campaign for getting on for two years. It is the only system I've ever played where my players consistently got it wrong after such a timescale. IMO, the main reason that it is not often used it that it is simply an extremely unintuitive system.
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    The Everway Thread

    I played it quite a bit. The resolution mechanics and character creation are excellent. There are some rough edges though, such as the magic system, and I find the default setting pretty uninteresting to play in.
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    Mage Wage Slaves

    I don't really see casting spells alone as a valid employment choice. The Wizard is more likely to operate as an expert who intermittently employs spells, or as an independent contractor you can got and get to a cast a range of specified spells at specified prices. In the former case, their...
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