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  1. Arcane_Avatar

    Was there ever a ‘Sherlock Holmes RPG’ back in the day (80’s) ?

    The old Consulting Detective series has been continued. I had the first 2? or 3? sets. The first was in a box or perhaps a stiffened envelope and subsequent cases in a stiffened envelope. I recently acquired the new FBI one from Space Cowboys. Great production quality although I have yet to get...
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    [Casting the Runes] The Predestination Engine & Other Stories - Now Available

    Already ordered via Lulu and got my pdf by sending my invoice to TDM.
  3. Arcane_Avatar

    Best historical settings?

    Just to throw in an interesting aside. When I was 9 or 10 my brother and I were fencing with our mother's knitting needles. A lucky thrust put one right into my bicep. Don't remember beng taken to A&E but I might have been but I stiil have a small scar 60 years later. Never had any infection so...
  4. Arcane_Avatar

    Online Play - Video?

    I use video with all my on-line games as it makes it easier to see who is talking and see reactions otherwise you might as well be playing a text only game.
  5. Arcane_Avatar

    DTRPG and Lulu?

    Whenever I've done stuff for Lulu it has self calculated the width of the spine based off the number of pages. The issue is that the cover has to be big enough to wrap around. No use making the cover 2xA4 if the number of pages says you need to make it wider. I just stretch the cover picture...
  6. Arcane_Avatar

    Dead tree supply chain issues?

    In the UK I've used Lulu for POD, same as Design Mechanism use. I've also used Aeon games for TDM stuff as well as they provide the pdf quickly whereas getting one from TDM if using Lulu involves mailing TDM with the recipt info.
  7. Arcane_Avatar

    What are y'all up to these days?

    I spent 1992 to 2009 not role playing due to cirumstances (Usually no group and in places difficult to find gamers) but once back in the UK found a local club and started again. This kind of hiatus happens a lot due to life but you come back to gaming eventually.
  8. Arcane_Avatar

    Discounts and deals on RPGs

    Unless of course you're in the UK where our currency has taken a dump due to econimic illiteracy on the part of the ruling elite.
  9. Arcane_Avatar

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    That's a great addition to the Vaesen stable. Recommended.
  10. Arcane_Avatar

    Was the First RPG You Ever Played D&D?

    OD&D because there was no other option. Soon went to RQ, Traveller and Chivalry and Sorcery
  11. Arcane_Avatar

    [Mythras can do anything!!!] So, what are YOU doing with it?

    I'm currently running Mythic Babylon wbere Hammurabi is sending northern Sorcerer's to destablise Larsa before he mounts a military campaign against the city. However I have prepared, in the wings as it were, a Mythras Hawkmoon game and a Mythic Baltica setting following on from the Fall of...
  12. Arcane_Avatar

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    I previously picked up Jonny Hodgson's (Handiwork Games) The Silver Road a storytelling game system. He/they've just released In Spoons, In Knives a 1930's setting for Silver Road. It' is set in industrial Britain where you can be a union crew lor a group of thieves or robbers. The art in both...
  13. Arcane_Avatar

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Chris, I got a lot of mine from the mags we found down on the allotments. :grin:
  14. Arcane_Avatar

    What do you- yes you, personally- prep for a session?

    Just about to start a game of Mythic Babylon on Sunday on Foundry. Prep involved reading not only the rule book but freshening up my knowledge of core rules. Planning out a scenario (making notes of a couple of ideas as I usually wing most of it). Putting a few maps into Foundry and adding a...
  15. Arcane_Avatar

    Resources for Historical Campaigns

    There's an Osprey covering Armies of the Hanseatic Cties that's worth unt if all you need is a reasonable overview/potted history.
  16. Arcane_Avatar

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    This morning 's post came with a copy of Maelstrom, a copy of the Beggar's Companion for that, so more Tudor fun and games and a copy of Irving Finkel's novel The Writing in the Stone set in Mesopotamia. This one was a big surprise as it was a numbere and signed copy is a nice presentation type...
  17. Arcane_Avatar

    Best historical settings?

    I'm in the process of rejigging this for Mythras as the area and period fits people fleeing from the fall of Constantinople. The convrsion is not a exact one but more taking the flavour and plot and revising it for Mythras.
  18. Arcane_Avatar

    Kickstarters Thread

    I'll just say Stygian Fox here WRT Kickstarters.
  19. Arcane_Avatar

    VTT/GM Software Summer 2022 Edition

    For GMing VTT is Foundry running on Forge, using LiveKit AV. Alternatively I play some games on Roll20 with Discord for AV. Also some using just Discord all depending upon who is GMing what game.
  20. Arcane_Avatar

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    I like the Jonny Hodgson cover on Sunken Lands - at least it looks like one of his.
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