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  1. Toric

    Star Frontiers: Return to Archangel

    Things never go easy. One week ago... Luna Laredo, Zinthos and Ixitak X'itac sat in a large auditorium full of people looking for a job. A Major Manning with the UPF performed the subsequent briefing. The lights were dimmed and then she pressed a button on her podium bringing up a small, UPF...
  2. Toric

    Interest Check: Pick a game from my shelf! (PbP) (EDIT: Star Frontiers chosen!)

    EDIT: Star Frontiers has been chosen. I have three confirmed players at this point. If anyone else is interested in Star Frontiers, I'll take up to two more players or so...
  3. Toric

    Interest Check: D6 Star Wars 1st Edition PBP

    Posting to see if there is any interest if I were to run D6 Star Wars 1st Edition as a PBP game here. That is this edition: I would set this right at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, rebels beaten down and scattered a bit. For canon, I'd use A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, along...
  4. Toric

    Help me choose a Secret Agent/Spy RPG

    Alright, I'm putting this out to the pub to help me pick a game. So I'm starting a new game for my face to face crew this weekend. We haven't played in several months due to real-life interferences. I had planned to put Shatterzone on the table but after some additional thought, I am going to...
  5. Toric

    Let's Read Shatterzone (West End Games/Precis Intermedia)

    I have recently acquired the entire run of products for this game for a very reasonable price and will actually be running it for my face to face group in a week or so. I have never played or run this game before, although I owned a comic book and game store back in the mid-1990's when this was...
  6. Toric

    Interest Check: Deadlands Classic

    Any interest in a PbP Deadlands Classic game? That would be this version of the game: Or this reprint, the 20th Anniversary edition: If this makes it as far as an actual game, players would roll their own dice for attribute and skill checks. Honor systems works for me. I will draw cards...
  7. Toric

    Golden Heroes - New Powers

    I've been working on some new powers that I believe are missing from the game and thought I might post here to get opinions on whether they are too powerful, broken, solid additions, etc. I am no game designer but by using several other sources of superhero RPGs, plus mimicking the style of...
  8. Toric

    Golden Heroes: New Hope

    A city of several million people always has something going on and New Hope is no exception. Sometimes it seems as if there is never a dull moment, never a lull in the action. The city rarely sleeps and when it does, it sleeps lightly. Of late, several issues are especially plaguing the city...
  9. Toric

    Golden Heroes: New Hope OOC

    First off, I'm new here. But not new to running play-by-post games, although it has been awhile. I was around for one of Endless Flight's older message board creations, Groovy Gamers, and have also played in and run games at other sites. Second, I know there is an older thread checking on...
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