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  1. Armchair Gamer

    What was the first "HUGE" RPG rulebook?

    This is why I'm always skeptical of page count as a raw metric--I remember when TSR increased the PHB from 256 to 320 and the DMG from 192 to 256 just by changing the layout and art.
  2. Armchair Gamer

    What was the first "HUGE" RPG rulebook?

    HERO System 5th Edition Revised--a misprinted copy of the book was actually tested against some small arms and proved up to stopping black-powder gunshots. EDIT: Found the video!
  3. Armchair Gamer

    Rolemaster Unified?

    Based on their production over the past few years, HARP seems to be their real passion.
  4. Armchair Gamer

    RPGs That Should Exist - 2021 Edition

    I know very little about Sonichu and Chris-chan, but part of me wants to say this should be HERO System 4E ... because the Rob Bell who served as a lawyer in this case is the same Rob Bell who edited the Big Blue Book and the HSR.
  5. Armchair Gamer


    Ubiquity dice are easy to calculate stats for, since they're always 50/50, so 0 successes on 10 dice is 1:2^10, or 1:1024.
  6. Armchair Gamer

    Tell me about / Sell me on Amazing Adventures

    The SIEGE version is actually less complex than 5E--Castles & Crusades used the OGL and OGC from 3E as a baseline, but rolled it almost entirely back to somewhere between B/X and AD&D in terms of complexity. AA is a little more complex in a couple of spots, but still not quite at 5E's level, to...
  7. Armchair Gamer

    Any died in the wool Hammer Horror fans? I need recommendations.

    I'm more a Universal fan, but Brides of Dracula, though it lacks Dracula, is worth a look, with Peter Cushing and the exquisitely lovely Yvonne Monlaur.
  8. Armchair Gamer

    Tell me about / Sell me on Amazing Adventures

    And the Troll Lords are about to launch the crowdfunding for a reprint/restructuring into the standard 'core 3' on November 10th.
  9. Armchair Gamer

    On the exceptional 'scope' of D&D

    I've heard conflicting stories on why the Cthulhu and Melnibonean mythoi were removed from D&DG--some say Chaosium sued, others say that someone at TSR (usually the Blumes) didn't want to risk pointing people towards non-TSR games or companies. Anyone know the current state of the question?
  10. Armchair Gamer

    One D&D

    I'm also hearing that the playtests aren't consistent with each other, so they appear to be trying out multiple different variations and seeing which ones 'work best' or, perhaps more likely, are best received by the audience.
  11. Armchair Gamer

    I hate geese. A free roaming thread.

    I can believe that. I live in a border state that's much the same way. :)
  12. Armchair Gamer

    I hate geese. A free roaming thread.

    I spotted this on Facebook and couldn't help but think of this site:
  13. Armchair Gamer

    Star Trek random thoughts

    I was born the year TMP came out, so I don't have any experience with the theatrical experience. :) It's the second-weakest of the TOS films, but stronger than three of the TNG films, and I need to pick up and view the Director's Cut--everything I've heard suggests that the version we got is an...
  14. Armchair Gamer


    Fowl of Morgoth, and species enemy of RPGPub.
  15. Armchair Gamer

    One D&D

    Inspired by that book, I've considered the possibility of doing a system that keeps the uniform scale of D&D/d20 attributes, but varies up the randomizer by scenario: d20 for combat/life-or-death situations, 3d6 for skill checks and more mundane things, 2d10 for things like morale and reactions...
  16. Armchair Gamer

    Discounts and deals on RPGs

    Noble Knight Games is having a 25th Anniversary sale. Pretty much everything is on sale.
  17. Armchair Gamer

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Into the Wyrd & Wild now has me intrigued, as it looks like it could be useful for Ghastly Affair (for which I own the complete run), Ravenloft, and Perceforest.
  18. Armchair Gamer

    One D&D

    The TTRPG adaptation was 3.5-based. The Everquest TTRPG was 3.0-based. :)
  19. Armchair Gamer

    One D&D

    Depends on what you call fantasy. For a lot of Generation Y and beyond, 'fantasy' has been largely defined by 'D&D' and its derivatives, for good or for ill.
  20. Armchair Gamer

    One D&D

    Ah, but they have--by mobilizing their marketing machine, social media outlets, and followers to squeeze out anyone who does not affirm the glory of the One Game. :grin: Minor correction: Those were 3.5-era ads. 4th Edition was all in on the promise of digital tools and an online tabletop...
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