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  1. tenbones

    Do you actively run Supers RPGs at your table

    So from the Marvel 2022 thread, I thought I'd toss this up here out of interest. I would have put more options, but I was limited. So my criteria is simple: Do you run Super's RPG's as part of your normal campaigns. So at least a few times a year? If you choose Other - feel free to post it in...
  2. tenbones

    Systems that transcend their settings

    The various threads about "balance" and discussion about system-design reminded me of the inverse reality: some settings themselves don't do a system justice. I believe there are systems out there that are either "too good" or their settings are so indelibly linked to the system - that the...
  3. tenbones

    Japanese Superhero-ish help wanted!

    Okay - so I've decided to take my Marvel game to Japan. I'm looking for stones left unturned in terms of what Asian pop-culture stuff I can convert to FASERIP for the purposes of doing Cool Shit(tm) with my players. Rules: There are no rules - I don't care much about canon per se. I'm going to...
  4. tenbones

    Savage Worlds: Pathfinder has landed

    Yeah it dropped last night - so for anyone wondering/things I've noticed on my casual perusal: It's totally self-contained. You don't *need* the SWADE core rule book. The Core rules are cooked into this book with tweaks to fit the Pathfinder world. Classes are basically mini-iconic frameworks...
  5. tenbones

    Setting vs. System : which games are really about their setting... not their system?

    So it struck me seeing the Brigandyne thread... when people say "Warhammer clone" what *exactly* are they cloning? What is the DNA that makes a game a clone - and is it really the tone of a setting? Or the system that allegedly underpins it? Another interesting corollary - is how many settings...
  6. tenbones

    Fresh off the Boat: Savage Rifts (SWADE Edition)

    So this arrived unexpectedly on my doorstep... I haven't gone through it yet, but I thought I'd toss out a pic. I'll go through it tonight and toss up anything of interest.
  7. tenbones

    Of Mythras, Runequest, Glorantha, Edition wars, and where to start???

    So I've been seriously wanting to dig into Runequest/Mythras for some time. I want to read it, absorb it and put it in my back pocket for when my players least expect it and whip it out, and go BOOM! This is what we're doing... (and hopefully they'll bite. I've been taking them out of their...
  8. tenbones

    Redemption Games: Games that need the Runback?

    So how many of you have tried to run a game/system and it simply didn't go as planned, and you dropped it. But something nagged you - you knew the game had genius and promise, and it *needed* to be redeemed with a good campaign to show your players it was, indeed, a legit great game? 1) Which...
  9. tenbones

    Sith Campaigns - any good stories?

    So I'm starting a new Star Wars campaign... something different for my group. We normally avoid doing Force users for all the usual reasons. We've been playing a Merc/Bounty Hunter campaign for months now... and we TPK'd and now it's time for a good palette cleanser... I was suggesting we play...
  10. tenbones

    Elric of Melnibone'... the TV Show... I'm taking a "wait and see" position. I'm prepared for another of my franchises to be ruined. But I'll remain open to be hopeful. In that order.
  11. tenbones

    Tribe 8 - Who has run/played it? GIVE US YOUR SECRETS!!!

    Okay so in the Post-Apocalyptic Game thread I saw @TristramEvans made a pretty emphatic endorsement with an intriguing blurb about Tribe 8. I've heard of it by name... but knew *nothing* about it. So I looked into it... and was extremely intrigued, and bought it. Holy jeebus is this cool! Who...
  12. tenbones

    Modern day Auto-Duel Like RPG games/systems?

    So what systems/settings do *GOOD* (in your opinion) vehicular combat. I don't want just combat... I want PC's to be able to mod their cars and get crazy. Over-the-top or hyper-realistic is fine. As long as it's good. I know about Atomic Highway... it's a little bit lite for me. I've been...
  13. tenbones

    Wiseguys - for Savage Worlds (but great for ANY game)

    I got my copy of Wiseguys for Savage Worlds (by Eric Lamoureux and Gilbert Gallo, Richard Gillingham, John Riggs, Morne Schaap, Pete Spahn, and Scott W.)... and I love it. Quick side-note: Even if you don't use the Savage Worlds system - this book is very well done in terms of a specific...
  14. tenbones

    How Alien do you like your PC Alien Races?

    How do you like your Alien races in your sci-fi/sci-fantasy? How WEIRD do you like it served up? These are the criteria - 1) Either PC race or major NPC race that PC races likely will interact with. 2) Not necessarily singular. Meaning - these are the things that populate the setting. As an...
  15. tenbones

    The "sweet spot" for Sci-Fantasy?

    So for your personal tastes - what game hits the "sweetest" spot for Sci-Fantasy? And why? Do you prefer "fantasy" settings with a little tech in there. Or more "sci-fi" with fantasy conceits? Edit: And if I didn't list your favorite Sci-Fantasy RPG, please feel free to post all you want about...
  16. tenbones

    Game "Balance" - the missing assumptions of social-dynamics

    For years people have talked about "balance" in terms of mechanics. Usually between classes and races. I think "balance" is largely an illusion. The status quo of a setting should reinforce the assumptions of the setting in play. The job of the GM is to enforce that. So if were were to remove...
  17. tenbones

    Humans in RPG's - a paradox

    So I'm working on this project of mine. Initially I was going to have *no* humans in it. For reasons. My wife said "You have to have humans. Otherwise you'll get tossed off into the weird-zone, and no one will care." That got me thinking - I've seen people talk about it for *years* how they...
  18. tenbones

    The Pet Thread!

    Okay - show us your family pets! You know you want to. Or show us a pet you'd like to bring into your family. It's a general pet-thread! My wife and I are volunteers for the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas - basically we're advocates for rescuing all those Greyhounds from racing tracks as...
  19. tenbones

    Top Games you've never run/played that you're considering playing, and WHY?

    Warhammer Fantasy/40k RPG - I have no excuse. Love the setting. Love the ideas in it - except for a a lot of the post 2e Age of Sigmar stuff. But whatever, I can fix all that in play. It's on the list. Barbarians of Lemuria/Runequest 6e - Reading multiple threads about Barbarians of Lemuria +...
  20. tenbones

    What RPG/System/Setting did you avoid, but after trying it out found you *really* liked - and why?

    For me - Savage Worlds. It's been a shocking few years that after 30-seconds into my first game session (Deadlands Reloaded) that after dodging this system and ALL of its settings... that I fell so hard for it. While I'm not going to say it's perfect (it isn't), it certainly is a pound-for-pound...
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