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    What to Use as Luck Tokens in a Pulp Game?

    Lucky Strike cigarettes
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    Completely new to TTRPG's

    To get the feeling of a dungeon crawl rpg with less complexity, I recommend Four Against Darkness - It is specifically designed for solo or cooperative play.
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    Picaroon Jack, I prefer an open faced helm. The peripheral vision on a closed face tends to be very poor. I've used nasals before. At first, the nasal was distracting but eventually I just learned to ignore it. Would an SCA style helm with bar grill work for you?
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    Picaroon Jack, where did you get the chainmail? It appears to open in front, which is unusual
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    Help with Cloaks, Courts, and Gonnes (and player-facing games in general)

    Does player-facing mean that the GM can never roll dice? I've never used a formal player-facing system but I've run homebrew games that employed the mechanic. For example, I never rolled for monsters. The PCs would just make a defense roll. There were still times I would roll dice to randomize...
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    The Portable Wargame

    There is an ancients version in the sequel Developing the Portable Wargame. An early version is on the author's blog. There is also a PW Facebook page.
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    The Portable Wargame

    Yes, I dabbled with it. It's a good, simple wargame. There are a bunch of different versions on Amazon. I think the author is eventually going to add these other titles on Wargame Vault.
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    Your ideal imaginary video game

    In days of yore I would have said it would be like Skyrim. These days, it would be Cat Quest.
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    Your oldest RPG possessions?

    I got rid of all my D&D books from the 80s. :( However, I still have an original copy of Space 1889.
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    Divine Law, Abyssal Chaos [Deleted]

    Law = Good makes sense if you use a different definition of law than D&D uses. D&D's concept of law refers to mere human ordinances. However, you can also define Law in the classical theory sense of natural law, which is the objective moral law ordained by God. I think Anderson essentially...
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    Games with just skills?

    Tiny Dungeon and its spin-off games use traits, which are essentially skills and attributes combined. For example, traits include attributes like Strong or skills like Alchemist.
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    What's your Favourite Dinosaur?

    Triceratops too
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    Divine Law, Abyssal Chaos [Deleted]

    I tend to the notion of Law and Chaos being largely synonymous with good and evil. I always felt that's how Anderson presented them in Three Hearts and Three Lions. Grognardia includes a quote that suggests this. Also, IIRC, the Anderson portrayed the Nazis as agents of Chaos.
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    Playing with miniatures, but no map

    Yes. That's how we did it back in the last millenium. We had figures for our characters but no terrain. We just lined them up on the tabletop. We didn't even have monster figures. Plastic figures from Milton Bradley's Battle Cry (the 60s version) filled in. It worked fine.
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    Simulating the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece

    Perhaps look into Charioteer for ideas on running races. Chariots maneuver relative to one another, plus there are options for whipping or bashing your opponent.
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    Please recommend me your favorite TV show(s).

    Oldies but goodies: Black Adder Red Dwarf
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    Let's Read "THE PRICE OF FREEDOM" from West End Games

    Thanks Ralph Dula and Gringr. Pity there's no PDF of these. Ebay has PoF but it's more than I'd like to spend.
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    Let's Read "THE PRICE OF FREEDOM" from West End Games

    This thread has piqued my interest, and now I want to play out some Red Dawn-ish fights. I'll probably do it as a miniatures game rather than an PRG. Does this game have any scenarios?
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    Heart of Darkness

    Reminds me of Source of the Nile. However, SotN uses cards and charts/dice to determine events. Now I have an itch to play an African exploration, but I'd like something shorter (say an hour or so). Any suggestions? I just stumbled across Wild: Serengeti on Kickstarter. Not quite the theme I...
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