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  1. Baragei

    Your favorite game system you wish had more success?

    I hate to break it to you, but this is not a sign of something optimalized for readability.
  2. Baragei

    What to do when I feel like an admin/mod is attacking me?

    I really don't know who said what to who and why or when, nor do I particularily care. But don't chase off Norton. I used to steal his quotes for my sig back in the day.
  3. Baragei

    Mod+ Mythic Polynesia

    But plenty of people are defending the statement of one particular nit on twitter that TDM's latest release is indeed very, very racist. It's just sad to see that silliness here, regardless of actual gripes with Shirley's level of research and TDM's editing team (a cruel joke, but I'm still...
  4. Baragei

    Cepheus Editions Rpg

    The Traveller-discord has several Cepheus sub-fora, as well as pointers to Stellagama, IG and others. There is a sub for Cepheus on reddit too, although it doesn't seem to get much action.
  5. Baragei

    Moderator Selection Announcement!

    Combat Trait: Sales Bot (can insert pitches for select game into any conversation)
  6. Baragei

    Post a piece of art you could write an entire campaign based on

    I don't know, but I expect a Mythic-supplement from TDM about it.
  7. Baragei

    That Metal Thread Hasbro issues & the future of DnD

    Not only did you absolute maniacs manage to make me scroll through a D&D-thread, but you also got Bolt-Thrower in it! Well done! Well done, indeed.
  8. Baragei

    [Mythras] building an animist antagonist

    Animism is a slow burn. There's not a lot of flash - except for when there is, and then non-specialized people are likely to die horribly. A black-souled madman animist can line up all sorts of spirits just waiting to pounce on sweet man-stats, have characters covertly (or overtly) possessed or...
  9. Baragei

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    Even Mythras doesn't do rocket-jumping.
  10. Baragei

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    I find most "combat magic" less impressive, primarily because of the game's generous resist-mechanics making it too much of a gamble. One thing I don't feel need any buffs however, is theism's damage ranges. Lightning might be a "weak" spell doing "only" 2 or 3 d6 of damage, but it is very much...
  11. Baragei

    Favorite non-D&D Fantasy Game from 1970-1989

    Close call, but I have to pick Warhammer since Stormbringer had yet to make to the Elric/SB5-incarnation by '89.
  12. Baragei

    Game Design Sins

    As a metric guy, I can deal with inches, feet and pounds. But when you start cooking with fluid ounces and cups, I'm out!
  13. Baragei

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    No. You are simply wrong and I am completely correct! Disregard my signature! What was the argument..?
  14. Baragei


    Neatest thing about Traveller is the character sheet
  15. Baragei

    Game Design Sins

    Ars Magica is ..flunchy? Cruffy?
  16. Baragei

    Cepheus Engine, AsenRG Edition

    This is interesting. The Cepheus Engine ranks high on the list of things I like.
  17. Baragei

    Warzone Eternal

    This IP is, unfortunately, cursed. I want to see it succeed, but until our more unhinged scientists unlock the secrets of alternate realities I don't see that happening.
  18. Baragei

    Dice and Probabilities

    And the formula for A winning is..? Ok, sorry:tongue: As an aside, the odds in this particular example turned out pretty much the same as if we'd used the ol' (and scorned) resistance table, only slightly skewed in favour of B. The RR took me all of ..12 seconds to grok when I first...
  19. Baragei

    Dice and Probabilities

    This is great. Now to condense this down to eyeballing..
  20. Baragei

    Dice and Probabilities

    Ah yes. But you're not considering my mathematical handicap here. To demonstrate: A has a 90/100 chance, B has a 75/100. A has a straight 15/100 of winning outright, and B has a 25/100 of failing outright, with 10/100 of both ending up under the table. If both rolls fall within 1-75, the outcome...
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