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  1. Silverlion


    I've got old MSH, and lifetable can be done on the web these days, so not sure it would be for me at that price especially. Heck chatgpt came up with one pretty decently by asking it.
  2. Silverlion

    Tips for running a beginner D&D 5e game at LFGS

    One: Be consistent. Show them as many of the rules over time as you can (climbing, grappling, etc) but not all at once do it in stages. Two: You might consider using the basic set with its limited classes and archetypes since it saves you from having to explain how sorcerers differ from...
  3. Silverlion

    In which EmperorNorton tries to read every X-Men comic ever

    Agreed, I do love parts where a politician is revealed to be a mutant (because he bleeds from Xavier's mind boojum), and a perfectly normal cop faces down Stryker.
  4. Silverlion

    In which EmperorNorton tries to read every X-Men comic ever

    Totally agreed! I remember the sleepover when Warlock showed up.
  5. Silverlion

    In which EmperorNorton tries to read every X-Men comic ever

    Man, I loved the New Mutants, they're well thought out comparatively.
  6. Silverlion

    Introduce Yourself in 4 Starships

    How about every half decade?
  7. Silverlion

    Introduce Yourself in 4 Starships

    I love the White Star, but I didn't think to include it! Aargh. Also, I'd add the original Cylon Fighters and Colonial Vipers. But to be honest I just love starships.
  8. Silverlion

    Chaotic Wooster Remembers the Wildstorm Universe

    Wetworks. They fought vampires
  9. Silverlion

    Dragon Magazine Story

    Sadly no.
  10. Silverlion

    Dragon Magazine Story

    Someone mentioned Dragon magazine where I often chat, and I was trying to find a story that was in an issue somewhere in the 80-180 range, though I could be wrong. I've searched and come up with nothing. The story was about a young man being asked by a nobleman to fight a gryphon for his...
  11. Silverlion

    Gamer's Handbook of the Image Universe I

    Interesting! Not a big fan of Image (my favorite were never the popular ones but a cool resources)
  12. Silverlion

    The Cosplay Thread ("She Looks Very Healthy" Warning)

    Wow, I was just thinking about the THUNDERAgents before I saw this.
  13. Silverlion

    Talislanta for 5E D&D

    Sechi mentioned in the chat that this was HIS last edition, but that he may hand it on to someone else.
  14. Silverlion

    Shapeshifter ttrpg suggestions?

    That all sounds good to me, personally. Might be a harder sell for my players, if I could talk them into it, but I'm good with it.
  15. Silverlion

    [OOC] Neon Knights - setting and character creation

    A notable landmark within the realm is the Ark, an unexplored but massive spacecraft that crashed ages ago, it's design is seemingly alien, and on a scale that puts massive cities to shame. What might be inside? One of the biggest threats facing the realm is the Demonseed plague, an unknown...
  16. Silverlion

    The Perfect Mecha RPG

    It's a rather good game. Pretty loose, but its movement system takes some thought. I'm still absorbing it.
  17. Silverlion

    [Cold Shadows] MI-5 vs the Undead.

    I've not thought of that game in a while. I should re-read it.
  18. Silverlion

    Shapeshifter ttrpg suggestions?

    Neat! Knowing me, I'd probably use WC and use their advice for Mysteries, but I love Urban Fantasy, and while I'm not a Dresden Fan (for reasons), I am considering Liminal. Though I admit to loving the WC lore for the most part.
  19. Silverlion

    Shapeshifter ttrpg suggestions?

    Interesting, I've been looking at Liminal and just have not had the money..
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