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  1. ScytheSong

    Paizo Announces ORC License

    I'll give you Billy Crystal for Ecclesiates, if you'll let me have Lewis Black for James. :hehe:
  2. ScytheSong

    Mod+ OGL 1.1 is not an Open License.

    Oddly, the "Whatzee" pronunciation was being used by employees of Wizards of the Coast back in the mid-'90s when they had their Game Center in Seattle's University District.
  3. ScytheSong

    Dungeons as Mythic Underworld

    Complete side-note, but I had a coworker who was in the US Rangers in 1983, and he claimed that his unit parachuted onto a beach in Grenada with brand-new/experimental night vision goggles. He said he sat hidden in the sand for three days doing nothing, then went home.
  4. ScytheSong

    The Pet Thread!

    My daughter got a Hedgehog (African Pygmy). She really, really loves bathtime -- it's the only time she isn't a hissing little prickleball when touched.
  5. ScytheSong

    Was the First RPG You Ever Played D&D?

    I'm not sure. In 1977 or '78, I was part of a group that the Youth Group babysitted in the basement of the church my family was going to during coffee hour. They were playing a game that involved space and smuggling and two six-sided dice. I played the ship's cat on a couple of Sundays. So I'm...
  6. ScytheSong

    Sandbox campaign: best way to introduce the settlement

    They came by ship, right? So what have the sailors they traveled with said about the settlement? Does the captain have an inn he recommends, or a map of the town that they can look at/copy? If this town has urchins, maybe one is a friend of some of the sailors. Or there may be a few "ladies of...
  7. ScytheSong

    What's the worst pun, inside joke or easter egg you've found in a game?

    Possibly the worst puns I've encountered in a RPG were the titles of Ghostbusters modules. Scared Stiffs and Ghost Toasties (the latter's cover looked like a cereal box) are the two that come immediately to mind. When I was helping to playtest for Justin Dagna in Pax Draconis, our...
  8. ScytheSong

    What is the best steampunk TTRPG?

    The webcomic Girl Genius is the first thing I think of when "SteamPunk as Genre" comes up.
  9. ScytheSong

    What is the best steampunk TTRPG?

    The thing is that GDW Space:1889 *can* be played SteamPunk -- there are inventor and anachist professions -- even though the trappings are more pro-Imperial Britian than Punk. (Social Class 5 is "gentry" and the description refers to people who look down on aristocrats who were elevated by...
  10. ScytheSong

    What is the best steampunk TTRPG?

    I'm personally partial to the 1989 version of Space:1889 and its supplements, even though it probably predates the actual genre "Steampunk."
  11. ScytheSong

    Sell me on Glorantha and RQ:G

    I don't know about more modern versions, but most iterations of Glorantha absolutely have a kicking ass and taking names aspect to them. There's Pavis and the Big Rubble, where one of my characters had his head shriveled by a Walktapus. There's Snakepipe Hollow, a den of chaos that literally...
  12. ScytheSong


    Maybe. I can only think of one English king named John (Lackland). I don't remember much about the Traveller back story, but weren't the Barracks Emperors a loose parallel to the Year of Five Emperors in Rome (193AD/946AUC)?
  13. ScytheSong

    Forgotten RPGs

    Justin ended the project at about the same time Drive Thru RPG was getting started. Like the last thing published was the novel in 2006. Looks like Amazon has the line available, though. I had fun playing it: I had a combat medic/sniper who would waive the medical service charges if he was the...
  14. ScytheSong

    Forgotten RPGs

    Not only did I play this, but I was in Justin's group when he was playtesting the wildlife suppliment. My one claim to role-playing fame is that my character from that is a major part of the Pax Draconis novel (not that you can find *that* anywhere). The background is even wierder than you're...
  15. ScytheSong

    Glorantha - How was it back then and how is it now?

    So, with minimal encouragement and no discouragement, I'm going to talk about Heroquests and Liturgy and why Heroquesting can be explained and outlined by an understanding of how liturgy works in "High Church" ritual. I don't have a lot of stamina right now for writing, so I'll go after this in...
  16. ScytheSong

    Glorantha - How was it back then and how is it now?

    So, I love Glorantha. You can probably tell from my avatar. I can't actually answer the question as posed, because my stint in Glorantha (as a player) was in the mid-90's, with an enthusiastic GM who had all the old RQ stuff (and tried to use it all, with mixed success). We never got to the...
  17. ScytheSong

    Homebrew Settings

    The elves dwelt in rolling forested hills and low mountains on a peninsula south of Tethsha (the Barony the city Teth was the capitol of), with the Old Empire (Greece-area, more Rome-equivalent) further south. Think the Carpathians as their north border, the Adriatic to the east and Macedonia to...
  18. ScytheSong

    Homebrew Settings

    I've done several homebrew settings in my day, But the one I've worked on the longest was called Tethsha, a fantasy setting originally concieved for D&D, but eventually actually run in GURPS. The base idea was a Barony on the east side of a Holy Roman Empire-equivalent where the P-L...
  19. ScytheSong

    Outlaws of the Water Margin

    Okay, so I was confused. I was conflating Mandarin (the office/office-holder) with Manchu (the ethnicity). I'm sorry. Carry on.
  20. ScytheSong

    Are You a Completist?

    Depends on the line, for me. D&D I've always been hit-or-miss on, but for a while I got everything In Nomine, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, Shadowrun and 7th Sea that I could get my hands on. Since then I've been completist in the sense of only buying games where there was one book that could do...
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