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  1. Kobayashi

    Recomendations for low Fantasy adventure models.

    I really like Blood Moon Rising and the Inn of Lost Heroes by Peter Spahn. Full Fathom Five for Call of Cthulhu is pretty cool, takes place aboard an 19th century whaler so quite easy to adapt to a low-fantasy setting.
  2. Kobayashi

    Share 19th-century adventure art (not cowboys or steampunk)?

    Look for Gustave Doré's illustrations of course. Edouard Riou as well.
  3. Kobayashi

    when have RPGs helped you outside of RPGs?

    I sucked at english as a kid, discovering RPG allowed me learn it quite fast. It opened a whole new world for me, from comics, to books to movies. This journey is still going on and I enjoy every minute of it. During my military service I served as a stretcher-bearer in former Yugoslavia. The...
  4. Kobayashi

    Good websites for REAL optimistic news?

    Probably not what you're looking for but whenever things seem too bleak, I re-read Carl Sagan's The Demon-Haunted World. In general, listening or reading to what I consider to be people way smarter than me is always uplifting. I'm not talking about dumbass motivational videos but simply people...
  5. Kobayashi

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Latest haul from DTRPG... Rider is a big book (350 pages): it's a no-nonsense western rpg using Cepheus Engine, it's a bit dry but if you want to run a western without any fantastical/SF elements I'd say it's a good pick (I have Haunted West for my Weird West needs and Frontier Scum for...
  6. Kobayashi

    Create your own mythos.

    This can be even more terrifying (found this on Facebook) :tongue: Though that was another point made in the Killing Star (spoilers !!!)
  7. Kobayashi

    Create your own mythos.

    I just finished reading the Killing Star, I love the take on E.T lifeforms (10 years before Liu Cixin famed trilogy): “Imagine yourself taking a stroll through Manhattan, somewhere north of 68th street, deep inside Central Park, late at night. It would be nice to meet someone friendly, but you...
  8. Kobayashi

    Most detailed non-D&D RPG settings?

    As far as quantity (and not depth) is concerned, the Palladium Fantasy world has become quite substantial over the years (around 18 books?). Another Dream Pod 9 game with a very detailed setting was the excellent Tribe 8. A fascinating post-apocalyptic game. Eclipse Phase is also a strong...
  9. Kobayashi

    The first Moderation Discussion thread of 2023

    Is it this one? (Though this cover looks better)
  10. Kobayashi

    Unofficial RPG treatments for your favorite settings

    We had Burning Sands: Jihad which was Dune through the Burning Wheel lens. At the time I though it was well done. EDIT: and I always thought of Bulldogs as Futurama the RPG, YMMV.
  11. Kobayashi

    Do your gaming "limits" fully align to music, books and film?

    Maybe another, less depressing way to look at it is that you're not disillusioned with gaming but with people who crap in your space. Never give up on gaming ! :grin:
  12. Kobayashi

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Old books, always the best bang for your buck when looking for inspiration.
  13. Kobayashi


    I have the book on my DTRPG wishlist and downloaded/read the quickstart. I like what I've read so far, there's a ton of adventures as well so I'd like to run at least a one-shot in the coming months. It seems to be a bit overlooked which is a shame as there's obviously a lot of passion and work...
  14. Kobayashi

    Are GM Screens a must have?

    I don't use them because I play online. When I play IRL I use cheat sheets so I barely need GM screens for the info they display. I don't hide my dice rolls from my players... But I love using them. It's a bit like sitting around a fire, exchanging stories with your friends, GM screens become...
  15. Kobayashi

    Thoughts on a potential setting wanted.

    Just random ideas: _Maybe the ship AI needed to create mutated animals or create human/animal hybrids because some virus was killing the humans in stasis. So the rooms where thousands sleep pods were stored are now an ever expanding graveyard. The AI still searches for a cure in every world the...
  16. Kobayashi

    The first Moderation Discussion thread of 2023

    We also find the time to be obnoxious on the internets, and it's written "Gauloises" you peasant :wink:
  17. Kobayashi

    The first Moderation Discussion thread of 2023

    Duh, then everything's alright then. Why ask for context if you don't take it into account?
  18. Kobayashi

    The first Moderation Discussion thread of 2023

    You point the main problem that may go beyond bad phrasing, why not saying: _because we French people (with the exception of catholic French people) _because we French people (with the exception of jewish French people) Which would mean... french people are unreligious unless they're ...
  19. Kobayashi

    The first Moderation Discussion thread of 2023

    The problematic passage was in bold, basically french people are unreligious except french muslims. Why the focus on muslims ? Let's go for context then Muslims are under heavy attack by far right groups in France and in the media. Universities are called "Islamo-gauchistes"...
  20. Kobayashi

    The first Moderation Discussion thread of 2023

    Sorry french guy here, so when I read... To give non-french people a bit of context that's about as intelligent as saying that all white americans are gun-nut fascists. TLDR: this is, at best, ignorant, at worst, it's far right propaganda. I also think that this post is breaking the...
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