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  1. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    Any tales of GOOD experiences with meta-plot?

    The Republic Dark Age is about 1300 years before the SW films and there is very little media about it. Imagine a galactic level collapse of the Roman empire leaving behind many petty kingdoms influenced by a common culture as well as untold numbers of barbarians (Sith) at the gates. Lots of...
  2. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    Any tales of GOOD experiences with meta-plot?

    Avoiding meta plot is also why my Star Wars games have been set in the Republic Dark Age.
  3. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    Why D&D armour no longer looks knight'ish?

    The war winning weapon wasn't the longbow despite it being a useful battlefield winning weapon. Most of the conflict hot points were sieges and the French developed an effective siege artillery that could take out a castle or town wall in days or weeks rather than the months that the English...
  4. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    Most detailed non-D&D RPG settings?

    Traveller feels more like a multitude of settings as each version of the game is usually a different when in the timeline, but there is a lot of stuff out there for it.
  5. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    Most detailed non-D&D RPG settings?

    Due to multiple RPGs and the odd bit of other media, the obvious answer is Star Wars Beyond that Shadowrun has dozens upon dozens of books Warhammer's old world has a fair number across 4 editions. If you include the miniatures game, computer games, board games and many, many novels then the...
  6. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    Why D&D armour no longer looks knight'ish?

    I like the way that everyone is talking as though this is a more recent issue of non historic armour as though it wasn't pulp fantasy armour in the 1980's or maybe I'm the only one that remembers Elmore's art for the Dragonlance series. Also if you look at early D&D you need to remember that...
  7. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    When putting together a new game, do you most often start with a concept, or with a system?

    If it's a homebrew then I would say that it's usually setting concept first then system second. And the system consideration is largely around how much detail my current player group can cope with and if it is for one shots or a campaign. If my initial idea is based off a published game then...
  8. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    Published Adventures for Traveller

    Several years ago a large transport ship carrying many important people and a wealth of treasure went missing on a routine jump. Last month a distress call was picked up and a recovery vessel sent out to recover the liner, since then no word has come back from the recovery ship. The PCs are...
  9. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    "Who owns Open D6?" (might not be who you think)

    So what stops Joe Bloggs from releasing a copy of the OLG that allows everybody to update their documents and point to that instead?
  10. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    Recommend me a game…

    Of all the D&D a likes that could fit your requirements then I would seriously look at Dragon Warriors. It's beginner friendly, has easy to run combat and The Elven Crystals book includes 3 solid adventures that can be run straight from the book with almost no prep.
  11. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    Osprey Games - Role-playing Games

    Stargrave is a nice Sci-Fi skirmish game. Probably not exactly what you are looking for, but very RPG adjacent in how it handles characters through a campaign.
  12. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    Any good descriptions / discussions for different die probabilities?

    I'm personally not keen on dice pool additive systems in any form. They tend to have the issue that for any given target number the difference between dice pool A and dice pool A + 1 is the difference between very likely to fail and very likely to succeed. This can be a reduced by having larger...
  13. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    D&D: is it the gateway game for the rest of the hobby?

    I would contend that the biggest failing of Basic 5E as a Moldvay BX style intro is the BX had a load of scenarios written to be 100% compatible with that ruleset. Now there may be 5E scenarios that do not go outside the scope of the Basic 5E rules in terms of NPC powers, monster powers, magic...
  14. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    D&D: is it the gateway game for the rest of the hobby?

    So having done a comparison of Basic 5E D&D and BX D&D then the results are: Game element BX Basic 5E Character creation Yes Yes Classes 7 4+ Multiclass Levels 14 20 Equipment Lots Lots Skill system No Yes Monsters Lots Lots Combat rules Yes Yes Dungeon adventure rules...
  15. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    D&D: is it the gateway game for the rest of the hobby?

    My first d8 was green and I had that colour d6 as well. Both of them were worn out by 1982 when I got them.
  16. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    D&D: is it the gateway game for the rest of the hobby?

    My copies. Not quite sure why I bought them at the time given that I already had BX D&D then Dragon Warriors, but gamers will game and they were affordable for a school boy. Had most of the FF books up to about number 22 (Robot Commando) and still have about half of those now including a first...
  17. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    Let's Read "THE PRICE OF FREEDOM" from West End Games

    It may have been a necro, but it brought a game to my attention that I only remembered from the rather awful White Dwarf review. It makes me wonder if the game wouldn't have done better for a non-US audience if it had been citizens Vs the Bug Eyed Monsters from Outer Space and had a range of...
  18. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    The Board Game Thread - What have you Played recently?

    I good two player game with Hidden movement is Jaws. The first half of the game is the shark trying to stay hidden while eating swimmers. The second half is a fight to kill the shark or have the boat or hunters eaten by the shark. You get better options in the 2nd half if you do well in the...
  19. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    Getting into FFG Star Wars: Must have sourcebooks?

    Of the edge of empire books it is largely down to the party make-up and what they do but... No Disintegrations has extra info on bounty hunts and general investigations. Fly Casual is good for smuggling, heists and gambling. Special Modifications has crafting and slicing (hacking) rules. These...
  20. Sloth_in_a_bowl

    D&D: is it the gateway game for the rest of the hobby?

    One thing that people never really seem to mention in these discussions is my personal take on why D&D is so successful in comparison to much of the opposition and that is simply modules and campaigns. Dozens and dozens of well presented, usually well written and totally usable adventures...
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