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  1. thebigh

    What's a rule you always forget?

    Fatigue. My adventures tend to be light on the cross-country treks so anything involving fatigue tends to get relegated a bit.
  2. thebigh

    Challenges in an a sealed fantasy library that make it a ‘dangerous place’?

    "Wow, there's books here that literally haven't been read for thousands of years. I'm just going to read one more page. I know we need to pursue the villain across the world before he can perform the Unholy Ritual but... just let me get to the end of this chapter."
  3. thebigh

    Book(let) Binding

    I'm leaning towards A5 size for mine. It's similar to digest size, but a little taller.
  4. thebigh

    Do you still read gamebooks? Which ones do you enjoy?

    I still dig up my old Fighting Fantasy books now and then. There's just something nice about all those green-spined books sitting there on the shelf.
  5. thebigh

    Help me get in touch with any of the writers of 4th Edition Legend of the Five Rings?

    Seems like Mr. B. might be searching for a reason to leave the campaign.
  6. thebigh

    Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Rewards

    Not necessarily. In plenty of games the map is actually a physical thing you have in your inventory that you pull out and look at.
  7. thebigh

    Anyone effectively monogamEous?

    I'll play lots of different systems but the only one I know well enough to GM properly is GURPS, so I stick to that when I run a game.
  8. thebigh

    You are in a fictional island off the coast of Brazil in 1939. Who is in the pub?

    'doh. I read that as 1993 for some stupid reason. NVM. If the island is big enough to support three substantial cities and numerous fishing villages, it must be pretty big. I'm think something the size of Cyprus, Puerto Rico, or Crete, if not bigger. And since there's really only one thing you...
  9. thebigh

    You are in a fictional island off the coast of Brazil in 1939. Who is in the pub?

    D. B. Cooper, lying low and enjoying his planeload of stolen money in a nice tropical climate.
  10. thebigh

    The Dank Memes

  11. thebigh

    The Dank Memes

    Correction: it's not a 40 minute flute solo. It's a two-minute flute solo repeated twenty times.
  12. thebigh

    New Member Introductions

    Welcome aboard!
  13. thebigh

    I can't stand bean counting anymore in my pseudo-medieval games ! What should i do ?

    I kind of get it. Buying starting equipment is, in a way, part of chargen. Although I wouldn't obsess over every last GP, seeing one character decked out in armour or wielding a fancy shiny sword that I couldn't have afforded would feel a lot like seeing them turn up having "rolled" nothing bu...
  14. thebigh

    New Policy: Smilies and Memes

    Yes, I checked that out the first time you mentioned it. They were being really silly. We're at a better forum now, so we can have a bit of a chuckle at their silliness.
  15. thebigh

    How faithful do you stick to the lore of premade settings?

    Yeah, and I think it goes without saying that if the canon contradicts itself or is otherwise inconsistent, I pick the alternative I like best.
  16. thebigh

    New Policy: Smilies and Memes

    Wasn't destroying that other forum with all your emojis enough? :rolleyes:
  17. thebigh

    To Name or Not to Name?

  18. thebigh

    Advertorials for RPGs in MSM

    If this is setting the groundwork for a puff piece about the Government getting a group going at Parliament House I'd laugh. I can just see Albanese getting really into it, full-on roleplaying a barbarian with that Albanese twang, Mark Dreyfus stuck as the forever GM, and Jim Chalmers...
  19. thebigh

    How faithful do you stick to the lore of premade settings?

    Just plain, simple Garak.
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