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  1. The Convenient Skill

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Managed to get this on eBay for a very good price, amazing condition too. The hunt for swashbuckling games continues!
  2. The Convenient Skill

    The Big Generation X Nostalgia Thread

    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be
  3. The Convenient Skill

    Toys I'm glad I didn't have when I was a Kid

    Imagine how much this would go for on the second hand market now. I'd want one...
  4. The Convenient Skill

    DTRPG prices?

    GBP prices are affected as well. Per Twitter the 'tech team should have this resolved shortly'.
  5. The Convenient Skill

    Kickstarters Thread

    Someone's a fan of Pendragon it seems (and why not).
  6. The Convenient Skill

    The Greatest Toy Line Ever Made: G.I.JOE!!!

    We never really knew Snake Eyes in that format in the UK, it's a long story you may already know or even be interested in, so the Geordi La Forge look is pretty much where it's at here. We did have the figure here but as Stalker with the SAS Panther.
  7. The Convenient Skill

    The Dank Memes

    Great to see the Muppet Alien Invasion finally get released .
  8. The Convenient Skill

    What are you watching?

    Unbelievably, I finally had the time to watch the last 3 or 4 episodes of BBCs The Musketeers (I mean look at my avatar!). That tells you how far back I am on programmes I want to watch (it ended in 2016). Now I just have to find time to watch all of the swashbuckling films I've picked up over...
  9. The Convenient Skill

    Fighting Fantasy RPGs

    FF was, at least partially, my gateway to roleplaying. It gets mixed up a little with Milton Bradley's Heroquest, Lone Wolf and the Avenger books (ninjas rule!), but I do believe it was first by a slight margin. We had all the FF and AFF books except the Ridling Reaver and the second onwards...
  10. The Convenient Skill

    Memento mori, gamer

    Mine are more games I'd like to write/release in some fashion, but that also means playing them. Mixed in with those I'd like to play or run: Most of the swashbuckling games I have (that's about 10 or more off the top of my head). My grimdark simplified (and compatible) WFRP style retro clone...
  11. The Convenient Skill

    Big vs. Small scope campaigns

    I generally prefer small scale settings, again here in Dorset (and pretty much across all of West Europe - and probably much further), the villages are an easy stroll from each other. Market towns every 10 miles or so. Even if we go conceptual rather than geographic I prefer small scale games...
  12. The Convenient Skill

    Gun Porn

    One thing I read (somewhere) was that the navy was the earliest adopters of flintlocks. Proximity to powder, a highly flammable ship and slow match is not a good combination, plus on deck with spray and weather flintlocks are much more reliable. Paper cartridges were also a big advance on the...
  13. The Convenient Skill

    What are y'all up to these days?

    Good luck, I tried that and failed spectacularly, so I'm back! I'm sure someone with more self-discipline than me should have no problem.
  14. The Convenient Skill

    Kickstarters Thread

    I got my Pirate Borg rewards a little while ago now. Can't say I'm disappointed, even though D&D/OSR style gaming isn't really my thing.
  15. The Convenient Skill

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Nice choice for AFO. If you like it I can also recommend Paris Gothique, it's actually quite a very good guide to Paris (no surprise).
  16. The Convenient Skill

    Real Life and What's Happening...

    Work, that's what has consumed my last 5/6 months. Shows no sign abating either. On the one hand this is good (I'm self employed), on the other it leaves almost no time for anything else once weekly chores and a bit of family time is thrown in. It of course doesn't help that my mind keeps...
  17. The Convenient Skill

    Introduce Yourself in 4 Starships

    These are the ones I narrowed it down to right now. I'd probably pick others tomorrow. Also thought this would be a good channel to say hello again.
  18. The Convenient Skill

    The Cosplay Thread ("She Looks Very Healthy" Warning)

    I think you misspelt 'Hubba Hubba'.
  19. The Convenient Skill

    Profile-pic themed events?

    Am I doing this right?
  20. The Convenient Skill

    What are you watching?

    I finished Revelations so I can now peep in the He-Man thread without fear of spoilers!
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