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  1. Cross Planes

    Anyone effectively monogamEous?

    Powers Beyond
  2. Cross Planes

    Anyone effectively monogamEous?

    Several years ago I reviewed a supers game for my blog. I get through the game and the designer doesn't share the dice mechanic. Anywhere. I contact him, "Hey the dice mechanic isn't in the book, what is it?" He kept telling me it was in there and I just published the review explaining I have...
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    How faithful do you stick to the lore of premade settings?

    This is something I've struggled with for years but these days I follow what is best for the players.
  4. Cross Planes

    Anyone effectively monogamEous?

    How off do you start reading a game and you are like, "Yeah, cool, exactly, awesome, wow.....oh. Why did...why did you do THAT? This mechanic is clearly better! Don't...Don't you see THAT?"
  5. Cross Planes

    Anyone effectively monogamEous?

    Short answer: No. Long Answer: Its complicated. I have been treated for Anxiety for over 20 years and around 2012 I started a new medicine that not only treated my Anxiety but treated my ADD, which I wasn't aware I had. I started my blog I got early access to the DnD Next...
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    Say you were head of Imperial R&D, What would you design for use against jedi?

    First, let's assume Genndy's Tartakovsky's Clone Wars remains canon. A bunch of General Grievous, but the one in the cartoon. He was terrifying. Yes, Mace hurt him. But what if Mace were facing 10 of him? 20 of him?
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    So, Tiny Dungeon and other Tiny Games...

    I used it to run a Star Wars Stormtrooper game as a series of one-shots when our DM couldn't make it. It worked fine, but I eventually turned to Cepheus Quantum/Quantum engine. I don't think the books need to be as many pages as they are. These days I'd probably just use SWADE.
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    Dungeons and Dragons headcanon thread

    Vorel was the older brother of Bahamut & Tiamat and she murdered him. This is the schism that divided Bahamut & Tiamat. After several failures, a small cabal of elder Chromatic dragons began to quietly plot to replace her and they used the Wand of Orcus and a group of Adventurers to slay her in...
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    Dragonbane is the fantasy RPG I've been looking for

    I hate this. Combat loses so much dynamism without Blackjack or MOS. I remember encountering this in Mongoose RQ 1 after Sprange had bragged that it could model the Duel of the Fates in Phantom Menace. There is so much design space squandered by this decision. There are rules that come along...
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    Kobold Press' Project Black Flag Playtest

    I think we will get more that is a bit farther abroad. As I understand this engine has been in development since summer when WotC announced 5.5/6E/One DnD. The OGL debacle made them accelerate their announcement and made them want to capture the moment by saying they could Pathfinder to people...
  11. Cross Planes

    Dragonbane is the fantasy RPG I've been looking for

    It is an issue when a margin of success matters. If the lowest roll wins any kind of opposed test it means the creature with the lower skill won't succeed as much as the the creature with the higher skill but when it does succeed it will win the opposed check more often because to succeed their...
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    Get To Know Me: TTRPG Edition

    17. Rifts for Savage Worlds. 18. When we played Descent into Avernus our Bard was half-drow. After we escaped Hell and redeemed Zariel she challenged us to go into Menzoberranzen and take down the Bard's Mom who was a house Matron. 19. Yes, but as I have gotten older it has occurred less and...
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    SpeedRune thoughts or experience? (lite RQ-alike)

    That is pretty interesting take on RuneQuest and Glorantha.
  14. Cross Planes

    Get To Know Me: TTRPG Edition

    1. Comic Book World in Northern KY. I run it now. 2. Rifts. 3. Foxbat from Champions. 4. Thirty by John Wick. 5. Dungeons & Dragons 5E. At least once a week for the last 10 years. 6. Surf, a delusional Monk in 5E. 7. 2d20 Mutant Chronicles. 8. Rifts. 9. Shadow of the Demon Lord. 10. No. 11. No...
  15. Cross Planes

    How is Mythras Classic Fantasy in play?

    Cool. Thanks for the offer but I'll try making them myself. I was also contemplating the Pyramid approach from the Mythras Companion. Would you be willing to share your spread sheet?
  16. Cross Planes

    Now that WotC/Hasbro has responded, will the TTRPG industry backpedal as well?

    I think they gave PF2 market share it desperately needed and I think Kobold Press will also provide a good alternative. I'm not sure about Colville's rules as I've never purchased his products. I think if Critical Role backs another rules set it will given that publisher a huge advantage. The...
  17. Cross Planes

    Can Someone Learn to Love 2D20?

    I was really intimidated by both Conan and Fallout but once we started playing we were all using the rules like veterans within 30 minutes. Fallout plays better than it reads. We had a blast with it and its almost given me the courage to try Conan.
  18. Cross Planes

    Dragonbane is the fantasy RPG I've been looking for

    I'd be up for it. I've run it twice and it would be nice to play. Our group really enjoyed it. Most of them only know D&D 4 & 5 and they all liked how clean resolution was.
  19. Cross Planes

    How is Mythras Classic Fantasy in play?

    Are there any pregens floating around out there? I think it would be great to have a "Quickstart" with everything you need to run it.
  20. Cross Planes

    Pulpy Superheroes…tell me about yours

    Simian Carcosa, Gorilla Grodd + Hellboy.
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