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  1. Nick J

    "the 'Black Hack for Everything' era is well passed now"

    Newt has done this in the past with a fair bit of his catalog — sunsetting games that are digital only or POD. I’m not 100% sure I get the rationale aside from possibly cutting down on a cluttered website or wanting to focus in on what he’s currently most engaged with
  2. Nick J

    Do you use music in your campaigns? If so, what genre and band?

    Music is great when I’m prepping or trying to brainstorm ideas. In that case I usually find something moody or ambient, or music from a movie I know will evoke a certain emotion. During a game I would find it completely distracting and contrived I think.
  3. Nick J

    Who's running/playing in a space campaign these days?

    I feel like the worst player ever in this campaign. Partly because my life has severely cramped my gaming style in the last year and also because I’m not sure I’m in love with this brand of sci-fi? Muddled is a good description . . . I’m just glad I decided to play a big dumb dipshit ex-space...
  4. Nick J

    More dramas for Wizards Of The Coast?

    Collected any data? I guess a big company like Wizards has probably done surveys and stuff like that to determine marketing strategy and what kind of reach they are getting by sponsoring Critical Role, but I strongly doubt there is anything that would be publicly available, like academic...
  5. Nick J

    Folk Horror RPG Resources & Dolmenwood

    I ran a Dolmenwood game using BRP/Magic World for a couple of years. 4-5 players playing Grimalkin, a squire, a physician, and a Deep Magic-using witch’s son. The game started out in Dreg, meandered to Lankshorn. Players helped precipitate a war with the crookhorns, got tangled up with the...
  6. Nick J

    My love/hate/fascination with high-powered games.

    I've had this nagging notion for several years to tweak base Mythras with Destined superhero powers and Luther Arkwright Psionics and then plop it all down in some weird mashup universe of Jadarowsky's and Moebius' Incal/Metabarons and the implied setting embedded in the backstory for the...
  7. Nick J

    Russ Nicholson has passed away. Rest in peace.

    My very favorite TSR artist and really the only reason I kept my Fiend Folio. RIP in peace Mr. Nicholson.
  8. Nick J

    NPC portraits

    Maybe look for a portrait pack for a CRPG game like Baldur's Gate, Temple of Elemental Evil, Icewind Dale, and the like. Quality and consistency can vary by pack/artist, but you might find one that fits the aesthetics you're shooting for. I'm a big fan of Justin Sweet's work for Icewind Dale in...
  9. Nick J

    New Hasbro D&D streaming channel.

    I can't wait to ignore the hell out of it!
  10. Nick J

    New School Inspirational Art Thread

    For those who know, did anyone else read this sentence in the voice of Harry S. Plinkett?
  11. Nick J

    How faithful do you stick to the lore of premade settings?

    All a pre-made setting is to me is a springboard to doing whatever the hell I want with it. Preferably mashing it together with something else to create some weird, but interesting chimera (hopefully). I probably soured on canonical devotion to "as written" by a group I played D&D with for...
  12. Nick J

    Say you were head of Imperial R&D, What would you design for use against jedi?

    1. I'd get the bioscience boys to cook up an airborne virus that specifically kills midichlorians (and simultaneously cook up the vaccine so I don't sterilize poor Palpy). I then seed the whole galaxy with drones that launch cluster bombs full of the stuff on every known settled planet that I...
  13. Nick J

    I'm Not that into Mythras

  14. Nick J

    Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine

    I think an improved appearance can lead to improved confidence, which in turn could make someone more relaxed and congenial in social situations, but probably only to a certain extent? I've tinkered with ideas about how to cap natural increases to attributes through training in BRP type games...
  15. Nick J

    Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine

    Not exactly direct experience, just watching my younger brother suffer through it and trying to offer some pointers (I worked as a carpenter/landscaper for about 7 years). You haven't lived until you've tried to undo 100+ years of DIYers attempting to do their own electrical "upgrades".
  16. Nick J

    Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine

    In order: Soduku, trying to rehab a 100+ year old house with no prior experience, and a good orthodontist.
  17. Nick J

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    Kind of forgot about it being an open product. That said I still like dead tree books and formatted text in a PDF, but that's a good "kick the tires" strategy.
  18. Nick J

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    Well I do know they offer a free PDF with a physical book, but with the hardcover not being released until later in the year I have to wonder if they would actually deduct the difference? That said, I'll probably end up buying it if it gets good reviews; I seem to have a compulsion for anything...
  19. Nick J

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    Goddamn! $25 for a PDF? C'mon Chaosium.
  20. Nick J

    Dungeon Crawl Classics General Discussion

    Ninja'ed :grin: EDIT: Now that I think about, We should probably tackle this at some point. It'd be interesting to figure out some kind of Mythras-ized version of this. If you can pull off D&D spells with Classic Fantasy, it seems like DCC wizard magic should be doable?
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