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  1. Dumarest

    I appreciate this place

  2. Dumarest

    Star Trek random thoughts

    Worf comes off a lot better in the Pocket Books novels. Contamination, Imbalance, and War Drums are some good ones that feature Worf in leading roles.
  3. Dumarest


    Long story short: I got struck by a hit-and-run vehicle on Halloween, then got an infection, followed by a bad case of the flu, and haven't been doing much of anything except recuperating for the past month. I apologize to everyone playing in a PBP I'm running as well as to those running PBPs...
  4. Dumarest

    Sean Connery Dead at 90

    Naturally the tribute to his silver screen immortality flew right over your head.
  5. Dumarest

    Online superhero RPG / Sentinels of the Southwest

    Yeah, I've just been reading the back and forth to see what you two decide and then I'll work up a situation to kick things off. I just prefer the characters are able to cooperate and I don't have to figure out ridiculous ways to draw them both into the same scenario.
  6. Dumarest

    Traveller: Sinharaja Sector (in-character thread)

    Eloise loses sight of the men as they enter the control tower through the smashed hatch.
  7. Dumarest

    Boot Hill: Pima County

    I want to give @Séadna and @Baeraad a chance to post before I update.
  8. Dumarest

    What are you watching?

  9. Dumarest

    What are you listening to?

    Straight outta 1978!
  10. Dumarest

    Marvel Super Heroes: Lone Wolves

    Are Moon Knight and Dagger following Daredevil back inside the penthouse? I'm going to assume Spider-Man does whatever you two do as I believe @Toric is indisposed.
  11. Dumarest

    Stay Frosty III - Welcome to the Jungle

    Quite what? Quite dangerous? Quite toxic? Too much suspense! "Let's get inside ASAP but be ready to fight our way in and out," says Raúl. "Also keep an eye on whoever is holing up in here. Potter can tell you sometimes las víctimas son los alborotadores."
  12. Dumarest


    What's not to like?
  13. Dumarest


    And one of them is so awesome it takes up two slots in the Top 5!
  14. Dumarest

    What are you watching?

    I prefer the play.
  15. Dumarest

    Real Life and What's Happening...

    A better shot of two of our jack-o'-lanterns. I carved the Cheshire Cat face and my daughter carved five cartoony cat silhouettes.
  16. Dumarest

    Real Life and What's Happening...

    We carved our jack-o'-lanterns this afternoon.
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