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  1. Savage Schemer

    What's a rule you always forget?

    If I could recall a rule I always forget to reply for this thread, odds are I could recall it at the game table too. The problem is, I forgot the rule. Sometimes, I get accused of forgetting a rule I never bothered to commit to memory in the first place. What I do is get a general feel for how...
  2. Savage Schemer

    "the 'Black Hack for Everything' era is well passed now"

    lol I don't have to be the fastest guy. I just have to be faster than those PbtA guys.
  3. Savage Schemer

    More dramas for Wizards Of The Coast?

    Hey it's Daniel Jackson's (real life) wife!
  4. Savage Schemer

    I'm Not that into Mythras

    They let me come here and I've not only defended, but stated that I actually like 2d20 games :shock:!
  5. Savage Schemer


    I wager this is because Marc himself still plays CT. There are things in T5 that he always wanted to do, but by and large it's a game intended for scratching his audience's itch rather than his own.
  6. Savage Schemer

    I can't stand bean counting anymore in my pseudo-medieval games ! What should i do ?

    This is exactly what I was thinking as well. Or Jaws of the Six Serpents, which assumes the same thing. Gear you find while adventuring is likely to be a prop in Jaws, which basically means that unless you spend your training points to make it part of your character, it's of limited use...
  7. Savage Schemer

    Settings you wish had an RPG treatment

    Simon R. Green's Nightside series would be a ton of fun.
  8. Savage Schemer

    How faithful do you stick to the lore of premade settings?

    I don't remotely make any attempt to cleave to canon. All the touchstones you'd expect for a given setting will likely be there, however. So, if I'm playing in the Traveller OTU, then Vargr and Aslan and so forth are definitely a thing. Jump space works the way the setting says it does. Things...
  9. Savage Schemer


    I had no idea this was a thing. My love for pulp games has me seriously tempted to pick this up, even though I haven't played a Story Path/Teller game in years and years now.
  10. Savage Schemer

    I'm Not that into Mythras

    I called you a heretic, but it's actually not a game I play all that often either (and, of course you are welcome). I do like it. However, my preference is for rules lite games - especially since non-solo gaming time is coming at more of a premium these days (and there's no way in hell I'm solo...
  11. Savage Schemer

    System Matters...24 years later

    The problem is that saying, "system matters," and then couching the entire argument in terms of having a system affect how a game plays at your table is that it's a non-observation. It's like saying the presence of air has an effect on your ability to breathe. It's got to be one of the single...
  12. Savage Schemer

    System Matters...24 years later

    I'd have figured that 22 years of people enjoying Exalted with anything but the system that was "designed" to go with it would have solidly debunked this stupidity and foolishness by now.
  13. Savage Schemer

    What system for: Space Opera Swashbuckling!

    I agree with this to the point of having used Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies for exactly that purpose. While not written for space, it helped that the ship rules assumed a three dimensional space due to the "skies" of the setting. Works like a charm!
  14. Savage Schemer

    Dammit, RPGPub: Mythras Edition

    Back on topic, Worlds United really kind of replaced Luther Arkwright as being my favorite Mythras supplement, being the planetary romance fanboy that I am and all.
  15. Savage Schemer

    Dammit, RPGPub: Mythras Edition

    Talislanta, despite being a solidly trad game, feels a bit lighter and more narrative despite the fact that it can go deeper with tactical options and the like. While I wouldn't see it as the other end of the spectrum, I do think it's further in that direction than any BRP game is. I'm guessing...
  16. Savage Schemer

    Favorite source for pulp villains?

    I love this thread!
  17. Savage Schemer

    Sell me on the refereeing practices of the OSR

    That's funny. My elves do the same.
  18. Savage Schemer

    Talislanta for 5E D&D

    It helps to embrace the concept of there being no such thing as "balance" between the archetypes. It simply doesn't exist and never has, by design. With that said, it's trivially easy to make new archetypes. I have two approaches I personally take based on whether or not the archetype is a...
  19. Savage Schemer

    Talislanta for 5E D&D

    I did too, pretty much figuring this is a once-in-a-life kind of thing. If they end up doing another, I can safely skip it. But like I said, this is my chance to get a bunch of physical Talislanta goodness.
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