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  1. Malakor

    You are in a fictional island off the coast of Brazil in 1939. Who is in the pub?

    I'm getting Tales of the Floating Vagabond vibes from this thread :grin: (from the, not of the :D)
  2. Malakor

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    If I recall correctly, Jackals is officially based on OpenQuest, which is an excellent part of the family :grin: I have looked over the pdf of Jackals, I thought it a very interesting setting, although it did not quite grab me enough to want to run it.
  3. Malakor

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    Welp. I broke down and bought it. :D About to start going through it now. I've been waffling about what I wanted to use to set up a new campaign and I keep going back to BRP adjacent systems, so I might as well have a look at this. If it's like the BGB, it will be a toolbox, and frankly...
  4. Malakor

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    thank you. That is not an insignificant pamphlet then :D
  5. Malakor

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    What's the page count?
  6. Malakor

    Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves

    My wife and I took the grandkids (13 & 14 years old, the 14-year-old plays regularly), and we all enjoyed the movie. The wife doesn't game and usually is bored halfway through most movies, but she was sitting forward in her seat through most of this one. I thought they did a good job of making...
  7. Malakor

    D&D Direct First Look…BLAH!

    If I did not have a very active face-to-face community in my town and the subscription price was not prohibitive, I could see using this to get my gaming fix. We have a local gaming store where one of my friends has initiated a West-Marches style set of games with 5E, and they often have two...
  8. Malakor

    The what the hell you actually look like thread

    the image i use here is about 5 years old. My wife took this one of me last week when my daughter's late Christmas present was brought up and I was trying it on (she lives out of state, and I didn't have my dentures in since I was home :D)
  9. Malakor

    That's What She Said...

    Amazing Adventures for 5E from Troll Lord Games
  10. Malakor

    That's What She Said...

    apparently duck wiener :D
  11. Malakor

    Dragonbane is the fantasy RPG I've been looking for

    I'll wait until I see the release after the end of kickstarter, but I'm already thinking that if the action economy seems to hinder things, I'll just houserule that everyone gets one free reaction each round. Otherwise, I am really digging what I see on the quickstart. I bumped my pledge from...
  12. Malakor

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    I had to read that last word three times before my dirty mind got it right :D
  13. Malakor

    Wisdom dispensed by the old hobo

    I was watching Banacek (1970s Insurance Investigator show) and he has a habit of dispensing odd, supposedly polish sayings that you could probably use as a basis for what you want. Such as (found the list on wikipedia): 'A wolf that takes a peasant to supper probably won't need any...
  14. Malakor

    Is the OSR historical, or a new invention?

    The problem is there are certain parts of the rules we could never quite find :D
  15. Malakor

    Post ONE AND ONLY favorite d&d artwork!

    When the party is awakened by a nighttime encounter and the Elf is still in her pajamas :grin: I like this art too. I like clean line art for interior illustrations
  16. Malakor

    Post ONE AND ONLY favorite d&d artwork!

    That boy is gonna trip an hurt himself if he doesn't find a new spot to hang that dagger :D
  17. Malakor

    Satine Phoenix and Jamison Stone

    Probably not in December :D
  18. Malakor

    What do you- yes you, personally- prep for a session?

    I typically make a few notes after a session to remind me what happened, but other than making a list of names, occasional stat blocks and the like, These days, I wing it. I will prep the initial adventure fairly thoroughly and then everything from there is completely dependent upon what the...
  19. Malakor

    Realization: Gaming vs Buying

    I've lately gotten to where when I buy something new, I'll buy two copies, the second for my Grandson who games with my group.
  20. Malakor

    VTT/GM Software Summer 2022 Edition

    I have too many dogs in my house, and too many interruptions from the wife coming in the room for VTT or Voice. I used Photoshop or Illustrator for making maps and do my game notes in Google Docs, dropping it into an InDesign Document if I need something pretty to print out for my players.
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