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    Why I despise most safety tools (long start)

    I've personally found lines/veils useful. It's mostly just a formalized version of a discussion worth having anyway, and I always frame it in terms of preferences, not trauma (though of course avoiding actual triggers is one purpose this can serve.) After all, I don't think I'd really be...
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    D&D 5e: OSR-style

    Depends on what I can get away with. Without changing any rules I think the main thing is just refusing to let players declare actions in terms of skill checks - if they say they roll Persuasion to get past the guards, let them describe what they’re doing instead, and then I’ll ask for a...
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    Favorite way to level up in D&D/OSR?

    I like checklist xp, like in Into the Depths. It requires less bookkeeping than traditional OSR xp, less subjective judgment than Black Hack-style events, and involves more autonomy than milestone xp. You can also modify it by campaign I'm also fond of "modify your character sheet when you feel...
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    Nu-TSR suing WotC: Schadenfreude is back on the menu, boys!

    If nothing else, this did remind me that nuTSR exists - which I have to imagine is the main point of the case unless, as suggested above, someone is being taken for a ride.
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    D&D in 2024?

    Everybody else creates their own bespoke OD&D, why not WoTC? I certainly wouldn’t be averse to an OSE-compatible boxed set with gorgeous production values, and it would expose a lot of people to an inherently fun product. That said, I think a key part of their approach is that they’re...
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    OSR Gamemaster Rescue

    To date my favorite booksmell is the old color softcover print of In Nomine. Sadly it got lost in a move - or maybe not so sadly; if I had kept huffing it, maybe I would have ended up preaching INS/MV GM Rescue.
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    What do you think are the most damaging ideas in the hobby?

    I’m going to have to agree with One True Wayism/BadWrongFun as the headliner idea here - because most other candidates for bad ideas are good ideas for the people they are in fact fun for. RPGs as storytelling? Not how I like it but there are people who do. Supplement treadmills with 5,000...
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    Exalted TV Show in Development

    I’m surprised they went for live-action - Exalted to my mind really needs to be Weird! and Epic! which requires either being animated or more money than I can imagine being pumped into this. (I mean, actually I would be even more on board with a sitcom set in a tea house in Nexus than what...
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    I hate combat

    Yes! In the same way that hp-on-diegetic-interpretations accounts for how tired you are and how wounded you are. This seems to be a debate over definitions, though, or maybe just a a disagreement over how to interpret hp, neither of which are very interesting, so I'll let it drop.
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    I hate combat

    Strength in most (all?) games doesn't distinguish between leg strength and upper body strength, or grip strength, or whatever, even though those are also multiple traits! The in-universe facts about Schwarzenegger also would imply that he'd have a higher hp than Arnold, if hp is understood to...
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    I hate combat

    I'm not sure I get the distinction between abstraction and representation here - both hp and dexterity seem to take a set of diegetic facts (how wounded you are, how winded; manual dexterity, ability to dance) and compress them into a convenient number. Something like Fate Points seem to me to...
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    Exalted: Essence

    TBH I don't much like safety, trauma, and the rest as the primary language used to discuss preferences at the table. This isn't because those aren't things worth taking seriously, but because I think the relevant work can be done with just preferences, and because adopting safety/trauma language...
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    Friendship ended with Exalted, now Glorantha is my best friend

    Okay, maybe it's just because getting a philosophy lecture-as-theophany from a hot warrior goddess is my personal kink, but my webcomic-skepticism has been overcome; Prince of Sartar is great. Thanks for the recc. (Thanks for the starter kit recc as well, but since I'm vastly more interested in...
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    So you've contracted lycanthropy

    roll 1d6: A break in decorum. Be as violent as you like, but make sure you speak in a calm voice, or the whiskers come out. The smell of loam, petrichor, or shit. Don't forget your perfume. Telling the direct, literal truth. Exchanging glances with a cat, dog, snake, or raptor. Letting anyone...
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    Friendship ended with Exalted, now Glorantha is my best friend

    Yeah, I noticed a lot of those themes as well! Not all of them, but say the Lunar/Orlanthi contrast. I notice myself getting drawn towards the more urban cultures like the Lunars and Esrolians - maybe from a prejudice that honor-bound cattle-raiding cultures are a bit dry (I think I may have...
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    Friendship ended with Exalted, now Glorantha is my best friend

    People mention Cults of Prax enough that it seems clear I should check it out, thanks! (Or maybe wait for the RQG cults book which is coming out?) For me text is actually much more digestible - I find it a lot easier to forget that I'm reading a book than to forget that I'm reading a webcomic...
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    Friendship ended with Exalted, now Glorantha is my best friend

    Took a look at "Voices of Glorantha" and feel like I'm boucing off a lot of the entries - many feel very one-note, although there are some standout exceptions (for instance, the Red Moon Priestess' theology is really neat, as are the trolls.) Also went and got King of Sartar, which looks full...
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    Happy Independence Day!

    Currently patting my dog in a closet, blasting Enya from my phone. At least this year it’s just a day of this! Am full of burger, like any patriot.
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    Friendship ended with Exalted, now Glorantha is my best friend

    I’ve started dipping my toes in the deep sea that is Glorantha and wow, this is great. If I run anything I’ll probably drop all the Campbell-Jung-Eliade drum circle stuff but really, I feel like a dumbass not having gotten into this earlier. What weird bits of lore are especially worth going...
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    Loving it Here

    I want to add to the chorus here. This place is lovely.
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