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  1. Akrasia

    "the 'Black Hack for Everything' era is well passed now"

    After reading about it thanks to this thread, while it sounds interesting, I don't think "Black Hack" is my thing. But "Black Sword Hack" has caught my attention. I may have to check that out!
  2. Akrasia

    Mythras Factions & Mythic Britain: Gwynedd, Now Available

    You're in for a treat! It's a great series. :thumbsup:
  3. Akrasia

    I made a game! Into the Unknown (old school B/X version of 5e)

    Yeah, compatibility with standard 5e is one of the main attractions of ItU for me. I think it's a great virtue of the game. Since you sometimes visit this forum, I can't resist asking: any update regarding the Companion volume?
  4. Akrasia

    Quickstart snobbery and Rules Lite vs Rule Efficiency

    I really like quickstarts but for the most part I don't see them as adequate for long-term play. My appreciation for them is that they enable me to get an overview of the core rules and try them out. One exception (perhaps ironically) is the D&D Essentials set, that really does include...
  5. Akrasia

    Quickstart snobbery and Rules Lite vs Rule Efficiency

    While Mythras is not a "light" system, it should be noted that most of the Lyonesse book is setting information and the like.
  6. Akrasia

    "the 'Black Hack for Everything' era is well passed now"

    That post was quite informative and helpful. Thanks!
  7. Akrasia

    "the 'Black Hack for Everything' era is well passed now"

    Thanks! For some reason I thought it meant something more (RPG or fantasy) specific. Anyone know why "Black" is in the title?
  8. Akrasia

    "the 'Black Hack for Everything' era is well passed now"

    I'm not familiar with the term "usage dice" (yes, I have been in this hobby for 40+ years...). "Usage dice" = advantage/disadvantage dice?
  9. Akrasia

    "the 'Black Hack for Everything' era is well passed now"

    I never got "Black Hack" (or anything with "Hack" in its title). Can someone provide a very brief description of what it does differently from other OSR games, e.g., S&W or OSE? I'm just looking for a few sentences that notes what it does that makes it "special." Extra positive vibes for...
  10. Akrasia

    Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse

    I have to confess that I'm a little interested. I loved the Planescape: Torment CRPG and have a number of Planescape books (including the original box set). But I've never actually run it... The cover looks awesome. (But never judge a book...)
  11. Akrasia

    How faithful do you stick to the lore of premade settings?

    It depends on the setting. Like a few others above, when it comes to Middle-earth I try to stick pretty close to canon. I might change a few minor things that aren't really clear anyhow from Tolkien (e.g., how Glorfindel returns to Middle-earth after being slain in the First Age) but nothing...
  12. Akrasia

    D&D-ism: Cleric vs. Paladin

    This is a very good book. I highly recommend it -- both for its quality, but as well as the insight it provides into the formation of D&D, and especially the paladin class. Many classic D&D/AD&D classes are inspired directly or very strongly by particular fictional characters. E.g., the...
  13. Akrasia

    Tavern carousing tables!

    The Carousing table in Into the Unknown has the first two items, as well as the possibility of overall reputation gain/loss (+/- on future reaction rolls in the community). Into the Unknown also has additional "downtime" activities: "Sowing a Tenor" (spreading rumours, tales, etc.); "Social...
  14. Akrasia

    Dammit, RPGPub: Mythras Edition

    Despite playing a lot of Mythras over the years, I've never run it myself. If I were to do so, my first choice would by Lyonesse (since I'm a huge Jack Vance fan). Some day...
  15. Akrasia

    Dammit, RPGPub: Mythras Edition

    Mythras is awesome! As a player, it's been my main game since ~2011 (when it was still MRQII). I'm in my fourth campaign now. (First: Young Kingdoms [MRQII]; Second: Mythic Britain [RQ6]; Third: Mythic Babylon [Mythras]; Fourth: Mountains of Madness [Mythras]; plus some one-shots and short...
  16. Akrasia

    Slaying the Dragon: A Secret History of Dungeons & Dragons

    I missed the Planescape setting entirely during the 1990s (but I wasn't really following or playing D&D/AD&D during that decade). However, I did play the CRPG Planescape: Torment around 2000. It blew me away (although, unlike the Baldur's Gate CRPGs, it lacked replayability). It's only because...
  17. Akrasia

    One D&D

    I think it's a bit harsh to dismiss Gygax as an asshole without qualification. He definitely had "asshole-ish" qualities, but these diminished over time, I think (see his Q&A threads at Dragonsfoot and Enworld from 15-22 years ago). He could be quite generous with fans, and was clearly...
  18. Akrasia

    One D&D

    The OSR guys love a lot of TSR-era A/D&D rules (and modules, settings, etc.) -- but you'll never find anyone in that movement willing to defend Lorraine Williams (quite the opposite). Even Gygax is criticized for the way he ran TSR (before being banished by Williams) -- as opposed to his...
  19. Akrasia

    One D&D

    Um ... what? No, no ... nobody thinks this.
  20. Akrasia

    Dungeons and Dragons headcanon thread

    2nd edition? Still too recent for my tastes! (Actually, I'm fine with them in Planescape. I just don't think they belong in the World of Greyhawk, at least not as a "standard" option.)
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