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  1. Gabriel

    The Video Game Thread: What are you Playing?

    I am super hyped for Unicorn Overlord
  2. Gabriel

    Final Fantasy coming to tabletop

    Yeah, it could represent a set to be split out among separate players. 1d20 + 2d6 each set 2 sets for dps 1 set for tank 1 set for healer That would leave the clear/white and black die for some other potential purpose. Perhaps advantage/disadvantage. Might just be another 5e clone that only...
  3. Gabriel

    Final Fantasy coming to tabletop

    For those who play FF14, is there a potential significance to the dice colors? My first thought was along the lines of the colored materia from FF7 (blue, green, red, yellow, white, black). If there is something like that in FF14, I wonder if the die color could have a role in the mechanic?
  4. Gabriel

    Final Fantasy coming to tabletop

    Hmmm... Well. It has gridded battlemats included and standees. So I'm figuring mandatory tactical miniature combat. Recommended number of players is 5 and absolute minimum is stated to be 3. So I'm guessing based on that and the source material that there will be a lot of D&D4e style combat...
  5. Gabriel

    Tell me about SPI's 'Universe' RPG

    SPI's Universe was the second ever RPG I ever got back when I was 12. I might have even picked it up before I ever had my D&D Expert rulebook. I've owned the game for over 40 years. My copy is the "second edition" all in one rulebook that came with the map. The book does not include any...
  6. Gabriel

    Star Trek random thoughts

    So... Everything I said above there was true to the best of my knowledge. But today I was watching the TAS episode Time Trap. The Enterprise fires phasers at the Klothos which then winks out of existence. Spock explains what we have just witnessed confirming that the Klothos's shields did...
  7. Gabriel

    When did 00-90 ten-sided dice become a thing?

    I'm leaning early 90s, but logically I'm thinking maybe late 80s? Dice were initially sold as the core 6 shape polyhedral set (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20). Then that tens d10 creeped in. The earliest I can remember buying a 7 dice set was in the early 90s. I'm placing it there in my memory...
  8. Gabriel

    RPGs set in Utopias

    Honest question. Where in TOS do we see or have Federation poverty referenced? Off the top of my head, the only two things I could think of were both food shortages: the one on the colony world where Kirk lived for a time with the governor eventually known as Kodos the Executioner, and...
  9. Gabriel

    The Video Game Thread: What are you Playing?

    I loved playing RotTK2 on the Genesis and SNES back in the day. To me, installment 2 is the perfect balance of the fun against the number crunching and micromanaging. Installment 3 just cranked things up to where I didn't enjoy it anymore. Installment 4 on the SNES looked extremely good, but...
  10. Gabriel

    Have you ever?

    Have you ever had a game in your library for years and years, never really referenced it beyond the initial browse when you first got it, but which spontaneously, inexplicably became something you were regularly playing/running? Or, put another way, what is the real chance of that PDF buried in...
  11. Gabriel

    Why don't we have a Fright Night Classics RPG?

    I only have very limited experience in Chill, but I'll say that while it certainly isn't super crunchy or anything, it strikes me as a bit more cumbersome than what I'd desire for the kinds of things I'd want to run with it. I suppose I haven't looked at and compared them close enough, because...
  12. Gabriel

    large gaming library problems

    Yes. This definitely. This was something my partner and I observed even decades ago when the gaming hoard wasn't much more than a couple of dozen games. Only having one game means you play that one game and it's your favorite because you have nothing else. Having a bunch of games means never...
  13. Gabriel

    Far West 12th Anniversary

    I agree with this general sentiment. However, a representative of a store profiting off the hobby doesn't have any moral ground to stand on to make that complaint.
  14. Gabriel


    I've done it before. Some of that even before I knew the term. With the first functional GM I gamed with, I started keeping a journal of my character. It was somewhere between an outline of her adventures and a narrative. The GM liked reading it and started writing his own entries for me to...
  15. Gabriel

    large gaming library problems

    Yep. But I've hit this point with physical books. Not too long ago, I ordered a copy of Infinity: Technology of the Human Sphere. When it arrived, I realized I already had a copy which I had ordered just a few months before. It was sitting right there on my shelf with my other Infinity...
  16. Gabriel

    Far West 12th Anniversary

    Well, Romulan girls are hip I really dig those styles they wear And the Klingon girls with the way they talk They knock me out when I'm down there The Deltan colonist's daughters Really make you feel alright And the Risan girls with the way they kiss They keep their boyfriends warm at night I...
  17. Gabriel

    Far West 12th Anniversary

    That image just oozes with absolute contempt for the audience as well as the backer who paid extra to have his likeness in the game. He grabbed a movie still, scribbled on it, tossed in a clipart element, grabbed a couple of random cowboy body poses, stuck the backer head on one and the clipart...
  18. Gabriel

    Best Comic Panels of All Time

    I can't believe I don't already know this, but what specific special or annual is that from?
  19. Gabriel

    The Southern Television Broadcast Intrusion (ALIENS!)

    Over in the UK is this broadcast intrusion as well known as the Max Headroom and Captain Midnight events were in the US? Both of the latter were pretty notorious and widely discussed even before the internet became mainstream. I like the idea of the original people responsible being jealous of...
  20. Gabriel

    The Big Generation X Nostalgia Thread

    This may be earlier in the thread, but I rediscovered it. I spent many a 70s weekday afternoon watching the Kroft Supershow and/or the Banana Splits. I remember several of the component shows: Lost Saucer, Far Out Space Nuts, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. This was one I didn't remember. But...
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