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    Pub's Favorite RPGs

    The Fantasy Trip Flashing Blades Behind Enemy Lines Runequest (classic Chaosium era) B/X or 1E D&D and related simulacra Classic Traveller That's enough; any list with 20 names on it isn't really favorites.
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    Best/Favorite RPG Book/Product Illustrations Wise

    There is so much amazing artwork in game books these days. But I think it is hard for any one example to cut through and make a lasting impact in the way the more impressive things from first-wave games did, both because they were defining a new visual style and vocabulary, and because it...
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    What RPGs Have The 'Wow' Factor?

    I don't even own it, but based on curb appeal Mothership strikes me as pretty special.
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    What RPGs Have The 'Wow' Factor?

    Different things make different people go 'wow', but a game that is certainly unique (in a good way) because of its production design is the new edition of The Fantasy Trip. What makes it stand out in this respect is its physical components for table top play, including: a large, diverse range...
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    Flashing Blades vs. En Garde!

    First of all, kudos to the OP for their excellent taste in games; don't listen to the haters who are steering you toward their various favorite games. But, more directly to your point, Flashing Blades has a much better combat system. The dueling system in En Garde! is sort of interesting...
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    Twilight: 1634 - adventure and survival in the Thirty Years War

    Flashing Blades is designed for roleplaying during this era, and has supplements that touch on a variety of places and events.
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    Samurai RPG's (that aren't L5R)

    Agreed that GURPS Japan is worth a look. Basically, anytime someone is in search for a system that will do some sort of historical or quasi-historical setting, my first thought is 'explain to me why you don't want to do this with GURPS'? There could be good reasons - I'd rather play Flashing...
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    Samurai RPG's (that aren't L5R)

    I have the original Land of the Rising Sun, for 1st Ed. C&S! It isn't a particularly playable game, but it does make for an attractive, somewhat rare collectible.
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    The Board Game Thread - What have you Played recently?

    Just dug into my first game of Flying Colors, and it definitely didn't disappoint. If you don't know it, it's one of the most often discussed age of sail tactical hex and chit games. It's fast playing and exciting; figuring out how to move in the wind is a big part of the game; and it's got just...
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    Samurai RPG's (that aren't L5R)

    I have too many fond memories of Bushido to betray it now. Is it a perfect game? Who cares. It is super fun and very thoughtfully put together, and it gets the balance of history and fantasy just right for me. If only we had a quasi-historical medieval european game as good.
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    Are you into science fiction RPGs?

    I've gotten into a number of these; AD2300 is probably the longest running and provided the funnest memories. But the one I'm mulling over getting going in the near future is Classic Traveller. I always loved it, and haven't played in quite a while.
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    [Poll] Where do you draw the line on # of house rules when you are a player?

    I'm not crazy about the precise wording of the poll; anything is 'acceptable' because there is no harm in people going as crazy as they want to go with hacking the games they play. But, after 45 years of regular table top gaming, I'm convinced that you have gone down an unproductive rabbit...
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    "Aiming" rules - do they get used?

    Lots of games have these kinds of rules, but I've only run across a few where players routinely remembered and wanted to use them: GURPS: a natural; the core combat system sort of assumes you will usually aim at something specific and makes it easy and beneficial to do so. Flashing Blades...
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    Anyone effectively monogamEous?

    I do serial MonogamEy: Extended periods (a year or more) of playing just one system (and campaign) regularly, eventually hitting pause and pivoting to another for a few years, eventually pivoting back to resume the prior system and campaign. I own a ton of game systems, but it's been a really...
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    Lair of the Leopard Empresses and Monsters! Monsters!

    If I were god-king of the universe, immediately after consuming the fire of a million red hot suns to slake my thirst for power, I would issue an edict that the existence of two parallel, canonical versions of the T&T game system should be leveraged to create a pair of games that remain...
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    Tunnels & Trolls acquired by Rebellion Unplugged

    I committed to two changes many years ago and was delighted by the result: - Everybody has a stat block, as per the RAW treatment of detailed monsters in place of MR's - Melee attacks are resolved like missile attacks, using SR's
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    Tunnels & Trolls acquired by Rebellion Unplugged

    I totally get the 'we fear change' crowd; in nearly all respects I'm part of it - people like original $&!@ because that is where the creative spark and idiosyncratic character is; in the long run no one cares about how cleverly you re-engineered and re-packaged someone else's idea. This is...
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    Tunnels & Trolls acquired by Rebellion Unplugged

    I have a deep-seated love for T&T and keep hoping some new incarnation of it will feel 'zippy' enough with respect to its combat system that I actually get back into playing it. Hope springs eternal!
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    Seeking advice for Napoleonic hex and chit games

    I got Flying Colors a few days ago and am loving it; a great tip. I wasn't aware there were any hex and chit napoleonic games with a scale of 1 counter = 1 soldier; any names come to mind?
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    How faithful do you stick to the lore of premade settings?

    p.s., Glorantha is a good example of an 'edge case': I love, love, love the first wave of Runequest setting materials (the core book maps; Pavis; the cults; Borderlands; etc.) and I try to follow the facts and spirit of the thing reasonably closely. But the broader metaverse of subsequent...
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