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  1. redlemonginger

    Reviews Archive Thread

    Delta Green My group are all crime analysts of different sorts, so we thought we'd play Delta Green. It has to be the best system I've ever played. If you have any questions about the game I'd be happy to answer. We've played roughly 15 sessions at this point. Pros: The percentile system is...
  2. redlemonginger

    Sigil and Shadow - any good?

    I've read it, but haven't run it. The game seems pretty tight overall. I really like the extended tests mechanic. You're rolling skill tests, and if you succeed you add the percentage of your roll to the total (so if you roll a 37, the 37 sticks around, and any additional successful tests...
  3. redlemonginger

    Content Creators Sign Up!

    I don't know how much I could contribute considering I usually only get to run 1 to 2 games a year (weekly gaming). I posted a review of Shadow of the Demon Lord in the review archive a while back. I'd be down, but I'm not sure how much content I could provide.
  4. redlemonginger

    What RPG genre do you like the most?

    I find regional fantasy stories the easiest to run. It usually takes players from levels 1-5 and you get a satisfying arc from it. I think it may be my favourite because it feels so natural.
  5. redlemonginger

    D&D in 2024?

    I think switching to very bare classes 1-10 with an optional feat system to customize said character is probably the best way to do it. This will probably be just a rules cleanup though.
  6. redlemonginger

    Stars Without Number: any tips?

    If you wanted to make it more simple you could just do CON score + max hit dice for first level. I'm a little bias though, I hate multiple health tracks.
  7. redlemonginger

    Stars Without Number: any tips?

    It's a mixture of both, I'd say. You can, for example, buy a rifle that deals 2d8+2 very early on (which means it's totally normal for an NPC to have the same weapon). A psychic starts with 1d6 HP that is rolled. It can be a lot if you're not hacking the game. The heroic rules are a good...
  8. redlemonginger

    Stars Without Number: any tips?

    Fantastic game. The main thing I would tell you to be wary of is how deadly the game is. This isn't just OSR deadly, this is on another level. NPCs can easily deal a ton of damage at first level depending on the tech level of the planet they're on, and when you have PCs with under 10 health...
  9. redlemonginger

    What are y'all up to these days?

    Haha I find read reviews pretty useless. I've played so many games that sounded great on paper, but failed to be good in actual play. I think minimum you need at last 3-4 sessions with a game to really judge it.
  10. redlemonginger

    New Marvel RPG coming in 2022

    That sounds pretty janky
  11. redlemonginger

    What are y'all up to these days?

    Just wrapped up my shadow of the demon lord game tonight. Really happy with how it went. All the characters survived the last fight and it was pretty epic. I don't know how you could be a paid reviewer in this hobby. I've played almost every week this year and I've ran two campaigns.
  12. redlemonginger

    Your Top Ten RPGs

    I wrote something up for a top 5 (in no particular order). Dungeon world (4/4) Succeeds at its goal to make a very narrative version of dungeons and dragons Great at medium length campaigns (12-20 sessions) Keeps the game going at a great pace and consistently ups the tension of the session...
  13. redlemonginger

    List of Games You've Ran/Played

    No one seemed to get angry at my list, and I definitely dont like some darlings. I'd love to see your rankings.
  14. redlemonginger

    List of Games You've Ran/Played

    I've always heard that one, I meant to pick it up. Did you enjoy it? Would you say that's a good place to start with forged in the dark? It's the only setting that is of interest to me. My only worry is that the game is tight and I prefer loose games.
  15. redlemonginger

    List of Games You've Ran/Played

    Decided to give them a rating. I use the 4 point scale. I've only been gaming for around 9-10 years now, so my list isn't as long as some of you. Dnd 5e (2/4) Dnd 3.5 (1/4) Pathfinder (1/4) Pathfinder 2e (3/4) Five torches deep (3/4) Symbaroum (2/4) Dungeon world (4/4) Shadow of the demon...
  16. redlemonginger

    actual plays and the info dump

    I haven't seen anything like that in a long time. Not since the rollplay days.
  17. redlemonginger

    actual plays and the info dump

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Another critique, I would say these casts are way too big. I think the best amount for a dnd game is around 4.
  18. redlemonginger

    actual plays and the info dump

    I always get really confused with the way actual plays start out. They always have this huge info dump at the start that is like a brick wall. I just started watching that one and it fell into the same issues. Do people start out their home games like that? I feel like it's much better to...
  19. redlemonginger

    Broken Compass

    What are the character options like in this game? Do they feel distinct mechanically?
  20. redlemonginger

    Barbarians of Lemuria - Opinions and Whatnot

    Indeed, it's a con for me, but it might not be for you. PDQ sounds interesting.
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